Security Provider

When working with a security provider, consider how you should be utilising their expertise to get the best service for your money, understand what qualifications their security teams have, and how they are equipped to deliver security services that will give you the most protection. Here are some top tips to help you get the most out of your security provider.


At Herongrange Group you can trust we have the expertise to deliver the correct security measures for your needs. Use our knowledge to discover where measures are best placed and what security products and services are required to create safe and secure environments.

To understand fully what the best solutions are, get our teams involved in your operational meetings. We can talk through what issues you face with security currently, and what can be implemented to reduce any risks in the future. By having regular meetings we can keep you abreast of the best security solutions that can be moulded around your needs. Not only this but by discussing your requirements you will gain a better understanding as to what security is doing for your company – how it protects you, and how it will save you money, time, and stress.


Your security provider has a duty to provide you with security officers who are trained to put safety at the forefront of their services, whilst also creating a relaxed and friendly environment so that employees, customers, and clients feel comfortable approaching them in the event of a security emergency or for general enquiries.

At Herongrange, we ensure all our staff are kept up to date with new regulations and complete further training whenever necessary. We pride ourselves on our team’s skills and knowledge, and as a result of this expertise we can provide excellent security to our clients. With our Approved Contractor Status (ACS) from the Security Industry Authority (SIA), we have proven that we take training incredibly seriously and are recognised for the high standards we hold.

It is important, when sourcing or working with a security provider, to check that the qualifications of their staff are within regulations and that training is updated in line with new guidelines or additional requirements. The security industry is constantly evolving, meaning companies need to keep pace with those changes to provide a quality service to all clients. To ensure you’re receiving an excellent service, check qualifications.


One key factor in ensuring you get the most out of your security provider, is being aware that they have a range of services available that you could be utilising throughout your business’s lifetime. Being with a provider who can only offer a limited number of services will limit your company in your mission to keep employees, customers, property, and possessions safe.

At Herongrange you’ll find numerous security solutions that can cover a multitude of risks and, no matter what your security needs are, we have solutions to offer protection and decrease risk. Our departments include: Bespoke Security, Construction Security Solutions, Fire and Security, Facilities Management, and Guarding Solutions. Our mission as a security provider is to be there for all businesses, and help them achieve their goals to be protected and secure. We take care of security needs, so your company can get on with business as usual.


Security for Celebrities

Being a celebrity may come with glamour, but unfortunately at the expense of privacy and safety. Public figures often face harassment, invasions of privacy and can become targets of crime, making reliable and skilled security for celebrities essential .

Close protection for people within the public eye is a key service offered by Herongrange Group Ltd. With their expertly trained manned security, Herongrange can provide security for celebrities whilst offering a level of personal human interaction to create a relaxed but secure environment for the person within their care. Security measures can often feel necessary but cold. By having friendly manned guards, VIPs will have the knowledge that they are safe without the anxiety of feeling watched.

Before implementing a security team for the individual, Herongrange will assess the person’s current security arrangements and arrange meetings to gain an in-depth understanding of their exact concerns and requirements. This will ensure that the safety needs of the person are met, and their mind is put at ease. Having a knowledge of the individual, and the specifics of their security requirements, leads to efficient and organised measures being put in place. This allows for quick action to be taken if a threat is revealed, and equally creates a comfortable and reliable relationship between the client and the security officers.

The responsibility of being a part of a manned security team is not taken lightly by Herongrange staff. Specialist security for celebrities is crucial, as they need to be protected throughout their everyday tasks. This might be checking their vehicles and escorting their transport, scanning premises before their arrival, protecting them against harassment, and even ensuring their safety between locations. Initiative to protect against potential threats is a must, and the security of celebrities cannot be done with technological systems alone. The need for in-person security is vital to ensure safety within the moment and to eliminate their anxieties.


Security Systems

Herongrange Group Ltd recommends that every construction company implements site cameras and a security system that can minimise the risk of crime and thus free up time for the company to focus on their projects without concern. CEO of Herongrange, Steve Withers, commented; ‘We continuously monitor and adapt our innovative systems to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients. That’s why we work with some of the biggest names in the industry.” With their CCTV and site cameras, Herongrange offer the highest calibre of service to protect construction sites.

The CamShield CCTV system by Herongrange is cost-effective, flexible, and interactive. To provide security around the clock, the CCTV can run for 24 hours a day, meaning the site is not only covered in the working hours, but runs even when no one is there. This not only provides the resources to identify any criminals that intrude the site, but it acts a deterrent. This security system remains site friendly and provides monitoring that uses unique ‘double-imaging’ technology, meaning intruders can be identified even in challenging areas or conditions.

Not all construction sites have infrastructure to install CCTV onto, but Herongrange offer an alternative. A CCTV trailer can be used as a temporary security measure to ensure the protection of sites whilst work is being completed. The trailers can be fitted with multiple fixed cameras, or a 360-degree tilt and zoom camera, fixed to the tower mast. Again, as well as the security system recording intruders for identification, the presence of the trailer alone will deter criminals.

A good construction security system, using site cameras, can be the difference between a construction company completing a project on time and to budget or the project being postponed and losing money. Herongrange take these security measures seriously, so that construction sites can continue running without threat and with infrastructure and procedures in place to prevent crime.


Network Rail Manned Guarding

Herongrange’s specialists have made Network Rail operations safer and more secure up and down the country.

The issues Network Rail faced and our solution:

Network Rail trusted Herongrange Group to propose a solution that was completely unlike any other security solution they had trialled before.

There were 4 areas that Network Rail needed assistance with:

Track side maintenance is a complicated exercise to organise between multiple subcontractors. Plans, timetables, and schedules change daily, and the Herongrange Project Manager has to adapt in real-time and ensure all areas are secure and everyone understands their role whilst on site. Herongrange’s expert dog handlers were deployed to the site to act as a deterrent and secure the area.

When maintaining tracks Network Rail will cut the fences to give them access to the particular part of the track they are working on that day/night – previously these parts of the fences were not manned by security specialists, which often meant that the public was able to gain access to the dangerous, live tracks and additionally thefts of tools due to the lack of security presence was a frequent occurrence. Herongrange proposed dog handlers and manned guards to man these gaps in the fences to deter the public. All vehicles would now be subject to checks by manned guards before leaving these areas.

Since Herongrange’s track side presence there has been zero reported incidents.

Following the ongoing successful implementation of the above track side security work, Herongrange was also asked to propose a solution to the issues that Network Rail was encountering at their Birmingham HQ.

Our solution involved manned guards within the car park that would ensure all the staff and visitors parked in the appropriate bays and that the emergency vehicles were always able to vacate the car park immediately. Additionally, we recommended a full sign in/sign out system logging personnel and vehicle details to deter thefts.

Since this system has been implemented there have been zero recorded losses of Network Rail property.

“We engaged with Herongrange when we had a problem site at crane street which was a high trespass and vandal area. Herongrange offered us a professional managed service from start to finish which took a problem away from the landowner and a potential risk to core works. What should not go un-noticed is the staff Herongrange provides are professional at all times and a credit to the Herongrange name.”

Eugene Landells Supervisor at Network Rail


bus station security guards

Herongrange’s security guards help to displace First West of Englands’ anti-social behaviour problem at their bus stations.

The service Herongrange Group supplied:

For our client First West of England, working out of their Bristol and Bath locations, we deploy a team of remote security guards that provide protection to First West of England’s passengers and members of public waiting within the bus terminals.

The security guards’ main role is to ensure the bus terminals are a safe environment for the public, they are expected to prevent drug use and manage anti-social behaviour. The security teams actively engage with the public to make sure their presence known.

Additionally, our guards provide security services for the First West of England storage depot in Bath. This requires overnight security shifts. The guards’ primary role is to prevent break-ins and move on rough sleepers however whilst conducting their security surveillance rounds, they will also make a note of any oil leaks or other defects they spot with the buses to ensure these are addressed the next day.

Unfortunately, the security guards are constantly subjected to abuse and threats of violence. We have put them through rigorous training to ensure they are confident to defuse situations.  The guards have also received customer service training to give them the confidence to talk and deal with members of the public.

Our technology solution provides a vital role:

Our online management system plays a vital role in the management of the remote security guards. The staff members log in and out of their shift using this system and they can also use this system to report on the activity from their shift and send messages to their line manager. This technology is vital to Herongrange when managing contracts like this that are some distance away from our bases in Staffordshire and Northamptonshire.

Results for First West of England

The Herongrange security guards were awarded First West of England’s employees of the month, despite them not being directly employed by First West of England. That is how thrilled the client was with the guards’ hard work but also the results they have achieved for the client. 

First West of England has repeatedly thanked Herongrange for helping to displace the security/anti-social behaviour problem from them. They have said they have happier passengers that are feeling safer using their service.

“First West of England Ltd use Herongrange to provide security support in two or bus stations, Bristol & Bath. The security team on the ground provide an excellent service. So much more than just security, they also go above and beyond to support our customers and staff. They will assist customers by advising them of bus/coach times, where to catch their service from, how collect lost property and local knowledge of how to find their way to things such as the city centre shop to the Bristol Royal Infirmary for an appointment. The security guards we have are regarded by us as ‘part of the team’, their work ethic makes them great ambassadors, for both our company as well as Herongrange. A big thank you to the team at Bristol & Bath from us all at First and wish you every success in receiving the recognition that is greatly deserved.”

Gavin Hawkins, Operations Manager for First West of England


Security Installer

A multi layered system featuring intruder alarms, CCTV, infrared beams, and a gate and access system for Technocargo.

Our solution:

Previously for our client Technocargo we provided a manned guarding solution for out of hours security at their haulage depot.

After assessing the site and the risk to the client our GM for Fire & Security Arran Litchfield decided the best security installation for Technocargo was a multi-layered system featuring intruder alarms, CCTV, infrared beams, and a gate and access system – at the same time Arran recommended they upgrade their fire alert system.

The entire system would be remotely monitored from our control centre; if the intruder or fire alarm system sounded, we had access to CCTV systems to view the current situation before alerting the local police/fire service. The key to any system we design is ensuring the possibility of false alarms is kept to a minimum.

The client was thrilled with our proposal, and we moved quickly to get our security installation crews on site to install the new solution for them, the manned guards remained on site until the full new system was in place and tested. This is an offer that we know to be unique to Herongrange Group, other security installation companies cannot offer their own manned guards during these crucial installation/changeover stages. We were able to keep the same trained, experience manned guards on site ensuring full protection before the new system was tested and live.

Importantly for this client we offer 24 hour/365 days a year response and remote diagnostics allow us to address faults before attending site.

Manned guarding is still a popular choice for many of our clients and often is used in conjunction with our electronic systems as an extra deterrent and client peace of mind however in this instance for Technocargo an electronic security system combined with a fire system was a more secure proposition for their site.

Another benefit of switching to a fully electronic system is a considerable saving of £75k per year for Technocargo over using manned guards.

“Herongrange really opened my eyes to an enhanced, layered security system that I didn’t even know was possible. Although they did have our current security contract, we did go out to a number of providers in the marketplace in order to ensure we got the best price and service and we were thrilled Herongrange came out on top. They understood exactly what was needed and installed the system with zero fuss. We now have a much better level of security, and we will save year on year versus the cost of manned guards.”

Garry Sheppard, Operations Manager for Technocargo UK, post installation


Facilities Management

3 Reasons to Choose Outsourced Facilities Management Companies

There are many reasons why businesses choose outsourced facilities management companies. It’s a great option for small, medium and large size enterprises who are looking to save money, get the best possible facilities management service and have the headspace to focus on other day to day running tasks of their business. In fact, security, mechanical, electrical and grounds maintenance were among the most outsourced services in 2019. Here’s how outsourcing can benefit your business…


1. It gives you time to focus on your business

Many growing and developing businesses simply don’t have the time to focus on facilities management. This is a crucial area of your operations, which covers security, fire safety and wellbeing of your staff and visitors. Instead of risking facilities management becoming sub-standard, contracting a qualified, experienced team can give you one less thing to worry about and ensure all your needs are taken care of by industry professionals. It also makes the hiring process much easier, as you will be able to choose the right team based on experience and testimonials. You will not be responsible for staff overheads and any qualifications and training will be taken care of by the outsourced facilities management companies. 


2. It can be more cost-effective

As you don’t have to pay National Insurance, staff holidays or cover training and qualification costs, outsourcing facilities management can be cost-effective for your business. Not to mention, recruitment processes can really eat up your time and finances too, especially, if in-house service becomes inconsistent or inefficient. Using a dedicated company of professionals can help to ensure a state-of-the-art service and eliminate staffing issues. Outsourced facilities management companies will be focused on those services specifically, making them highly professional and capable in their field.


3. Outsourced facilities management companies can meet your needs as you grow

Growth is the aim of every business, and you need your facilities management to meet your demands as you experience exponential growth. Again, you may run into an issue with insufficient members of staff or lack of training and qualifications that match your current business model, facilities, and operational requirements. Facilities management companies can seamlessly match those needs as you expand and provide extra staff, who are appropriately trained and can be outsourced much quicker than having to hire or train existing employees.

At Herongrange Group, we provide expert team members to assist with cleaning services, construction facilities, emergency call out, groundworks, planned maintenance and so much more. No matter the size or requirements of your business, we can meet them thanks to our highly skilled, qualified and experienced team of professionals. If you are thinking of outsourcing and are not sure where to start, give our team a call on 0345 066 2211 or email for a free, no hidden costs quotation and advice.


Finding the right Event Security Companies

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large-scale event, finding the right event security companies should be a top priority in any crowd situation. While there are plenty of remote monitoring solutions available, having trained security present at your event can de-escalate critical situations before they even happen. That’s why it’s important to hire people you can trust so you and your guests can simply enjoy the occasion.


1. Consider your needs

Before you seek out the right security solutions for you, consider the requirements for your event. Is it a small company gathering or are you catering to a large crowd? Will the event happen indoors or outside? How safe is the area you’re in? Will you need any specialist protection like detection dogs? Are there VIPs who will need close protection? Maybe your event requires national or international travel? The company would need to be aware of international security laws and manage the appropriate transport, whether you’re travelling by land, sea or air.

Having a detailed list of your requirements will help you narrow down the right event security company and ensure they provide appropriate protection to make your event as safe as possible.


2. Pay attention to testimonials

No matter how well event security companies sell themselves to you, few things will give you better insight than their client testimonials and experience. Make sure the security company you choose has extensive experience and necessary equipment for your type of event. You can find detailed information on the success of their previous events, how well they’ve managed to de-escalate potential dangers and the technology they use. Researching their clientele, industry reputation and customer reviews will provide reassurance that you’re making the right choice for you and your guests.


3. Choose event security companies with the right qualifications

At Herongrange Group, we take security regulations very seriously and always ensure our staff are aware of any changes in regulation and have up-to-date qualifications to do their job. When you are researching event security companies, make sure they have the necessary qualifications and accreditations to handle your event. The team should be vetted and have undergone the necessary checks and training to work in the security industry.

The security industry changes all the time, for example, we have recently had to update our technology to meet our customers’ requirements for keeping their staff and guests safe during the ongoing pandemic. Most recently, the government has changed the training requirements for the SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence. These changes will come into effect from the 1st of October 2021, so we are preparing our team to ensure they continue to meet SIA regulations.


Let us take care of your next event

From intimate gatherings to large scale outdoor events and international tour management, we have the right people and equipment to handle your next event. We take your security seriously in all aspects, from crowd management, ticketing to bespoke solutions, close protection for VIPs, transport, Covid safety and more. Get in touch for your custom, no hidden fees quote on 0345 066 2211 or email


A Local Community Project

Herongrange Group have donated to a local community project that is being spearheaded by one of their valued clients Henry Brothers Midlands for Alfreton Community Special School.

Fewer than 2500 people with learning difficulties are thought to be in paid employment, a shocking statistic that Alfreton Park School are keen to improve upon in order to set their pupils up for success in life. To achieve this vision, they are building the Deer Shed Café, by converting a currently derelict building into a welcoming café and shop. Not only will this venture become a key fixture of the local community, but it will also be invaluable to the further development of the school’s pupils. The café will provide a safe, dynamic environment for them to build their confidence, gain crucial work experience and develop a range of life skills that will be essential to their continued growth beyond the school.

The Henry Brothers Midlands team are holding a charity cricket match to support Alfreton School in this project and help them achieve their fundraising target of £250k for the construction of the café. The event will be held at Alfreton Cricket Club on the 8th of September from 4:30pm until 7:30pm, where the Henry Brothers team will take on the home team in a T20 match.

Herongrange’s CEO Steve Withers said, ‘We are proud to contribute to such an important project and, as a company, are dedicated to helping improve the local community. We wish Alfreton Park School all the best with their fundraising efforts and are confident the Deer Shed Café will be a huge success, positively impacting so many young lives and helping them achieve their goals.’


Security for Events

As lockdown restrictions are lifted across the country, we are excited to see our vibrant events industry thriving again, and our staff providing security for events, after an immensely difficult year. Now, more than ever, you need to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible. You may need extra staff to oversee that the public are keeping a distance, taking tests if necessary and generally adhering to some extra rules to keep them safe as we cautiously navigate the other side of lockdown.

Managing all aspects of live events

Our highly trained, skilled team is here to help! Alongside security for events, we have personnel to oversee all parts of your upcoming functions. We have seen already that events post lockdown, e.g. England final at Wembley, are attracting larger crowds. With alcohol flowing and attendees excited about being able to attend events again, it can be quite the undertaking to manage these crowds. Herongrange’s event staff inspire confidence and are trained to handle busy environments calmly and diligently.

To avoid any miscommunication, our team of stewards will handle ticketing, crowd control, sign posting and car park supervising. This will enable your guests to have a pleasant experience throughout and eliminate any confusion as they navigate the event.

VIP security for events

If you have special guests that need extra attention, let us take care of them with our ultimate close protection solutions. Built on years of experience in protecting VIPs, celebrities, and high net worth individuals at large and small-scale events, we can provide custom solutions to give everyone a peace of mind. Our close protection staff include bodyguards, escort teams, drivers, and residential teams. Speaking of drivers, we have a range of executive transport options available, whether you are looking to travel by land, sea or air. Our team will manage every aspect of your journey so you, your staff and special guests get from point A to point B as safely and comfortably as possible.

Security for nationwide and worldwide tours

Looking to take your event to a nationwide or even worldwide tour? You’ll need a reliable team for every step of the way and Herongrange Group are up to the task. Our security officers and tour managers can help with all aspects of running a successful and profitable tour from artist liaison to finance management and communicating with media companies.

So, are you ready to take your next event to another level? Contact us today for a custom, no hidden fees quote on 0345 066 2211. We are here to help you and your guests simply enjoy the event, knowing that our team is taking care of your safety and security.