The P50 is the most technologically advanced fire extinguisher on the market. Britannia’s unique P50 foam and powder extinguishers will reduce the number of extinguishers required in your premises as they cover multiple risks. This also helps to avoid confusion in a panic situation.


There are four types of P50 extinguisher. Foam, Powder, F Class (wet chemicals) and Monnex. High fire ratings give very advanced fire protection covering all risks.

P50 BSX ASX Foam

The Fluro Factant Free Foam fire extinguisher has excellent fire fighting capabilities, making it effective on Class A materials, wood, paper and textiles, and Class B fires fuelled by paints, solvents, oils and petrochemical products. The unit has also passed the EN 3 test for use on live electrical equipment up to 1,000V at a distance of 1m. It has an operational temperature range from +5°C to +60°C. Frost protection to -5°C is available.

P50 F Class

The formulation of the chemical in this F Class extinguisher is based on nitrogenated derivatives and ammonium salts of phosphoric acid and hydrocarbon and fluorinated surfactants in aqueous solution. The extinguisher medium forms a seal on the surface, preventing re-ignition.

P50 ABC40 Powder

The ABC40 Powder fire extinguisher is designed to be installed in areas where there are a variety of fire hazards and where fast extinguishing is required. ABC40 Powder fire extinguishers can tackle fires on Class A materials, wood, paper and textiles, Class B fires, those fuelled by oils, paints, solvents, and petrochemical products, as well as on Class C flammable gas fires. It is safe to use on live electrical equipment up to 1,000 volts at a distance of 1m. It has an operational temperature range from -20°C to +60°C.

P50 Monnex

Monnex is based on a Potassium bicarbonate-urea complex. The extinguishing powder interferes with the chemical reactions and the fire is extinguished. In the combustion zone, Monnex power explodes, breaking into smaller particles which dramatically increases the surface area of the powder. Monnex Powder is safe to use on live electrical equipment up to 1,000 volts at a distance of 1m and will extinguish Class B flammable liquids fire and Class C flammable gas fires. It has an operational temperature range from -20°C to +60°C.

Benefits of the P50

The P50 extinguisher range represents a new and improved generation of fire extinguishers. With massive cost saving benefits, reduced weight, and lower environmental impact, P50 extinguishers provide the first truly sustainable option whilst also offering enhanced performance and financial benefits.

No need for annual engineer service

The main expense in relation to fire extinguisher provision is not the initial purchase price, but the cost of paying a third party to maintain the equipment. P50 fire extinguishers enable your business or organisation to carry out your own maintenance with a simple annual visual inspection, allowing substantial savings year after year.

Kitemarked by BSI

The complete range of P50 fire extinguishers has been manufactured to the highest quality, many approved under the Kitemarked scheme by the British Standards Institute to the globally acknowledged manufacturing standard BS EN3.

Free replacement guarantee

To further enhance the cost saving benefits of P50 fire extinguishers, we promise to provide FREE replacements for any extinguishers discharged fighting a genuine fire. Simply contact us with a valid fire incident number and details of the incident.

10-year operational corrosion guarantee

10 Year Quality Assurance. P50 fire extinguishers are manufactured in the UK to the very highest standards. The exceptional quality of our products allows us to offer an industry leading 10-year quality assurance on material defects and workmanship across the entire P50 range with absolute confidence.

Free site survey

All P50 fire extinguishers are supplied with a FREE site survey and installed by our fire extinguisher technicians. This will ensure that you have the correct level of coverage, and that your new extinguishers are installed correctly to stand the test of time. In most cases, you will see a reduction in the number of extinguishers required.

10-year overhaul

P50 fire extinguishers need to be factory refurbished after 10 years to extend their lifespan by a further 10 years.