control room

A control room sits at the heart of any security installation, bringing together video surveillance, access control and fire control into one room. It serves as a central space where a large physical facility or physically dispersed service can be monitored and controlled by the controllers.

Keeping eyes on all areas of a site or place of work means no stone is left unturned in terms of security. With a dedicated team managing your CCTV, time gate systems, and ASMS systems, we will be on high alert for any issues that may arise, so your business can function without fear. The Herongrange monitored control room provides a site-friendly solution for any location. Employees, visitors, and clients can proceed with their day-to-day tasks without intrusive security measures disrupting the process. If your business deals with high-value assets, sensitive data, technology, or is in a high-crime location, having a monitored control room can act as the difference between a safe place of work and a site that is vulnerable to crime.

In essence, a control room is a central point that monitors and/or deploys resources — be this to process controls for our systems or to manage our guards. It is the room where it all happens. Our control room is used for the monitoring of over 150 sites nationwide, using various systems, such as our CCTV, Webeye and ASMS systems. We also control and monitor the guard welfare and ensure that lone workers are safe and well using the time gate system for monitoring check calls and alerts.

We monitor 100s of cameras, 24 hours a day and alert our clients site teams or response teams to any suspicious or criminal activity onsite. Working closely with our clients, we ensure that systems are in full working order, giving best coverage, and rectify any issues as soon possible. For any faults that cannot be fixed by the team in the control room themselves, we can easily notify the on-site or engineering teams of the problem.

At Herongrange, our control room team consists of five people, including our newly recruited control room supervisors. Their responsibilities include:

It is also part of supervisors’ duty to ensure that the guards are meeting company standards and maintaining welfare. They also ensure that the guards are following the expected patrols routes and follow the company guidelines and assignment instructions by visiting random sites on nights out on their working pattern. With this added benefit, your company can be certain that the people, property and assets are protected, and the business is running to the standards expected.

Our control room operators have the same responsibility as that above, however, they are based in the control room and do not go out and visit the guards. The team work on a 4 on 4 off rota and, as mentioned above, the control room is manned 24hrs a day.

Earlier this year at Herongrange, our control room was upgraded from an early 90s building to a modern and uplifted facility. With top of the range technology and brilliant control room staff, we can be the eyes of your company from afar. Without intrusion or imposition, our hard-working staff will protect your sites from crime, maintain your businesses welfare standards, be fire risk aware, and monitor patrol routes.

Having an external control room to assist your business with the management of security systems, the sensitive issue of internal welfare, to be the eyes of the company, and to be the first responder to any fire, security issues or crime, can elevate the safety of your business. At Herongrange, we understand how to work with your systems to deliver the best security solutions for your business, and with our control room monitoring the site you and your staff can be sure that problems are resolved quickly.

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