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Construction Site Risks

Construction sites are notoriously vulnerable to theft and vandalism. At Herongrange, our response service provides security solutions specifically for the building and construction industry.

We are incredibly well experienced in designing, installing and maintaining solutions. Your security is important to us and is at the heart of what we do. Giving you one less thing to worry about, we believe that no one takes your site security quite as seriously as we do.

Herongrange’s Response Service Process

When a potential threat triggers your alarms, you can rest assured that our CCTV monitoring and response team will be managing it. Having both software and manual checks will effectively substantiate what the software has flagged, thus providing greater reliability and eliminate false alarms that may lead to unnecessary costs.

Most activations will not need further action – but when they do, our tried and tested systems will kick into action. We will use the information available to us to further determine the threat. A simple visual patrol of the site will usually identify the alarm trigger. When a real intrusion or threat is identified, the Herongrange team can be waiting by with mobile patrols, dog handlers or site security guards.

Should you have a key-holding agreement with Herongrange, a call out process will then be initiated. Otherwise, we will contact your designated key-holder to assist the Police. When an intruder has been identified, we will issue you with a full report, as well as screenshots and video clips which can be used for prosecution if necessary.

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Your Security Is Important To Us

It’s important to us that we provide the most efficient services with the best interest of each individual client. We continuously monitor and adapt our innovative systems to meet the ever-changing industry and that is why we work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of construction security solutions, from access control and CCTV to manned guarding and banksman services, all designed around your site to provide both temporary and long-term security solutions.

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