Prevent unauthorised visitors to your premises with access control. Our solution is as modular as your situation or site requirements. We can provide a full hardware and software solution including turnstiles, cabins, barriers and information display screens.


Access control isn’t only about who can access the site and when. With our ‘SiteShield’ solution, your access control system is transformed into a health and safety reporting and human resource tracking system.

Our software includes self-diagnosis and incident reporting to prevent issues before they affect operation, alongside powerful reporting and certificate management built in. Since our software is written in-house, it allows us complete flexibility to meet your site-specific needs, business rules and KPIs.

Our access control software is compatible with CSCS SmartCards. Enrolling a new user is as easy as swiping their CSCS card using a contactless desktop reader, so using our access control system on your site to enforce worker competence, time & attendance and security couldn’t be easier.



If your sub-contractors pre-enter their employee data then, during induction, you only need to validate what they’ve entered and click to grant access to your site.

PC On Site

Guaranteed fast, reliable access to your data even if the broadband is down. Data is stored locally on site and within our off-site data centre for recovery.


Linking sites to each other and to a WebPortal allows visibility and management of employee data, certifications and sub-contractor data entry.


Choose between biometric (hand, eye, finger, face) or non-biometric (proximity card, key-fob) authentication methods.


Herongrange Online Inductions are designed to reduce the amount of time spent on site for inductions, allowing you to easily track and record the progress of new employees throughout their induction.

From helpful welcome information to common safety questions and certificates, our Online Inductions provide workers with essential information and training before they enter your site.

  • Easily invite new workers to the induction through the SiteShield Cloud Portal via smartphone, tablet or computer

  • Monitor and review the progress of invitations

  • View the progress of each operative throughout the induction process

  • Clear and visible calendar of expected operatives

  • Peace of mind that new operatives have received the relevant information and training before working on your site and have had their competency tested

  • Less time spent on site performing inductions

  • Operatives can come back to any stage of the induction and continue if they are unable to complete it in one go


Our bespoke portable turnstile is quick and easy to move around the site as needs change. It can be installed without the need for a concrete base, bolting down or cabin. Integrated lighting makes it easier to see when access has been granted, and optional down lighters provide illumination on dark days. There are also options for biometrics, proximity cards and intercoms, for an enhanced security solution.

Construction access control
Construction access control
Construction access control