Accreditations & 

For many, compliance is either a necessary evil or a never-ending ordeal, but at Herongrange, we see this as a quality challenge that we welcome; providing us with accreditations and policies for commercial success, compliance is a system to benchmark our performance. It is a means of setting out the required standards and company expectations, giving transparency to our performance and confidence to our clients in our ability to perform to and exceed their expectations.

At Herongrange, we pride ourselves on delivering our products and services to the highest possible standards. We take quality very seriously and have a robust Quality System in place to ensure that we remain compliant with all the industry legislations; we are proactive in maintaining our standards and are on a path of continual improvement.


To ensure our standards do not slip, our Quality and Compliance department has a business-wide involvement in interacting with and impacting every part of our business. Regular auditing allows for the opportunity to improve our systems and introduce better working procedures, which means we deliver the optimum level of service to all of our clients.