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Herongrange exhibit UK Construction

Herongrange exhibits at the UK Construction Week

UK Construction Week is the largest built environment event, the opening ceremony, conducted by architect and TV presenter George Clarke, was then followed by three days of immersive presentations, industry leading guest speakers and live demonstrations.

Manned Guarding

Rise in Costs. Rise in Theft. Rise in the Need for Manned Guarding.

The UK has entered a period where the cost of living is on the up and it is unclear when that rise is set to drop back down. There are inevitable consequences that occur as a reaction to this. Read more to find out how this rise brings about the need for Manned Guarding services.

control room


A control room sits at the heart of any security installation, bringing together video surveillance, access control and fire control into one room. Read more about what happens in the Herongrange control room here.