Nothing dissuades intruders like the presence of a human and his canine friend. Our stationary and mobile patrols will ensure a physical presence that deters against theft, vandalism and unauthorised access of any kind. 

We pride ourselves at Herongrange on taking a balanced and pragmatic approach to construction site security. We’re passionate about utilising proven, cost-effective and innovative tech – but we firmly believe in traditional time-honoured methods when they are appropriate.

The truth is that nothing dissuades intruders like a dog handling unit. Providing a physical presence on patrol or surveillance will deter any form of unauthorised access.

Our security dogs and their handlers are highly trained, adhering to the highest standards. The security dogs are trained to sense threats by smell, sound and sight. Controlled aggression is then used to intimidate any potential intruders, as well as acting as a visual deterrent.

Dog Unit Van

Stationary site security or mobile patrols can be provided to make sure your building site has a physical presence that deters against theft, vandalism, fly-tipping and unauthorised access of any kind. Our customers enjoy peace-of-mind, as well as the convenience of an end-to-end solution if they want it.

We can also provide detection dog services covering a range of disciplines across the whole of the UK – get in touch to find out more.

Security Dog Handling
Dog Handling
Security Dog Handling