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Securing businesses and people in the events industry is a specialist undertaking. Herongrange has the staff and experience to secure almost every environment.



Security personnel are often the first point of contact for event clientele. Our presentable and pleasant event staff inspire confidence and ensure your event runs smoothly. Our events staff are screened, vetted and trained to an incredibly high standard.


Our Tour Management services ensure that your tour runs smoothly and profitably. Our security officers and Tour Managers will take care of artist mediation, finance management and media liaisons.


Protecting VIPs, celebrities and high-net-worth individuals demands specialist Close Protection Services. Following an assessment of your risks and requirements, we will propose a solution consisting of expert personnel and the latest in security technology. Our licenced and highly trained staff include personal bodyguards, escort teams, residential teams and drivers.


An essential part of any successful event, our licenced and approachable stewards will ensure that everyone leaves your event with a positive impression. Our stewards take care of crowd control, ticket collecting, sign posting and car park supervising.


From VIPs and CEOs to high-profile celebrities and government personnel, Herongrange specialises in transporting important people safely throughout the world. Our expert team will manage every step of the journey, including transport by land, sea and air.

Event Security
Event Security
Event Security

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