June 30, 2022
SIA license

The SIA (Security Industry Authority) set the standards for what is expected of security in the UK. Herongrange guards have to be recognised by this public body, to keep up with regulations and bring the best security service to clients. An SIA License is the benchmark of standards, so by having an SIA License it proves that the staff meet and surpass that benchmark. Herongrange Group complies with SIA regulations and exceeds expectations to deliver quality services. Improving practice and services in the security industry is a key part of Herongrange’s growth. Therefore, to align with the times and continue to advance, Herongrange has been licensed by the top security bodies that will guide the industry in the right direction In achieving approved contractor status, the SIA has approved Herongrange Group for the activities of: Key Holding Security Guarding Close Protection which established the company as a trusted and quality security company.

What is the SIA?

The SIA is the Security Industry Authority and is the standard for setting regulations for security protocol. By following the SIA ruling and gaining a license, security guards are recognised for their quality standards and for following appropriate regulations set by the industry. Having an SIA License covers a person in various divisions of security services, including Manned Guarding, Close Protection, CCTV Surveillance, and more. As a client, you can be confident when working with a company who have SIA-approved staff, as they are proven to be up to the standards required to deliver professional and quality security services.

The SIA License was formed in 2004, and prior to its creation, there were no security standards equivalent, other than local council licenses. The SIA ensure a nationwide standard was introduced to dissolve any difference in opinion regarding appropriate action and effective security solutions. Today, being SIA-approved means a person is respected and regulated in their security profession and can deliver quality services for clients.

Beyond the standard SIA License, a company can be SIA Approved. Unlike the SIA individual licenses with are required, the Approved Contractor Scheme is a voluntary scheme which is managed by the SIA. With the goals of the scheme being to raise standards and performance in security services, companies who enrol with the scheme are under strict regulations that will increase their quality and help growth. Again, various divisions can be covered by the scheme, including guarding, CCTV surveillance, close protection, and more. After inspections and rulings by the SIA on security companies who are enrolled, the security business will either by approved or not. Herongrange Group holds an SIA License in Key Holding, Security Guarding and Close Protection.

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Herongrange SIA Approved Contractor

As well as all employees having an SIA License, Herongrange is contractor approved by the SIA. This approval means the company surpassed the expectations of the SIA for this scheme and met the quality standards that are expected of the top security companies. Gaining this recognition meant Herongrange had to be visited and assessed by the SIA. This involved a 6-day audit at their Burton Head Office, where a 78-assessment criteria list had to be met to prove that Herongrange’s processes and procedures aligned with the exceptional standards expected. In 2021, this prestigious accreditation was granted and Herongrange was officially recognised as an Approved Contractor. This publicly revealed the company’s drive to be the best it can be and deliver quality services for its customers.

Upon accreditation by the SIA, the Quality and Compliance Officer of Herongrange, Phil Scattergood, expressed his gratitude to the dedicated staff, saying “I would like to thank the Herongrange team at every location who took part and assisted in the process throughout the year, it’s a credit to them demonstrating that quality is important at every level throughout the business. This now means that Herongrange are fully accredited with the following bodies:

SIA Approved Contractor Status, Constructionline Gold, Safecontractor, CHAS, SMAS, BAFE, NASDU, NTIPDU, ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015. Find out more about our accreditations and compliance here.

Herongrange continues to advance its services and build its relationships with compliance and regulators who can progress the security industry to meet quality standards.

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There are five divisions within our company, each with their own specialisms, staff, services and equipment.

We take quality very seriously and have a robust Quality System in place to ensure that we remain compliant with all the industry legislations in all areas and are proactive in maintaining our standards and are on a path of continual improvement.

We offer a comprehensive service to determine the best solution for your requirements, as well as, taking care of the design, installation and maintenance of our security services, offering solutions to every market sector, and providing innovative and real time solutions to your problems.

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