June 15, 2022
Executive Transportation

Executive Transportation

Travelling can bring its own stresses, however, travelling as a celebrity or VIP creates challenges most don’t encounter. From stars to CEOs, there are those who cannot rely on regular methods of transport and need specialised solutions in the form of executive transportation for their travel. Herongrange understands the complexities that moving between locations can present when dealing with a figure within the public eye. Their executive transport solutions bring a new way for VIPs to travel both safely and in comfort.

What is Executive Transportation?

Executive transport provides a solution for people to travel subtly and go unrecognised whilst on the move. Assisted by a professionally trained driver, a celebrity, CEO, or VIP can use executive transportation to move across locations with ease. A vehicle with darkened windows will collect and drop off the client to exact locations, as efficiently as possible, to create a simple and reliable method of transport that avoid unnecessary public contact. The lack of visual access into the vehicle from the outside protects the passengers from public view and crucially from press or photographers, giving them the privacy they require.

With Herongrange, executive transportation prioritised the protection of passengers but equally understands that the client must also be in comfort. Protection will offer a calming atmosphere, and so can the transport experience itself. With exceptional vehicles and comfortable and spacious seating, travellers can truly relax between locations.


Who needs Executive Transportation?

Being within the public eye is not completely glitz and glamour. In fact, the everyday safety of a celebrity can be hugely compromised by their celebrity status. Travelling, therefore, can become a security risk. Executive transport solutions can provide a welcomed private experience for clients to move between locations without harassment by the public or the media. And it’s not just your famous singers, actors, or comedians that are in need. High-profile CEOS and businesspeople often experience the judgement and limelight from the public and can equally use the escape of executive transport to protect them from the press and public.

Executive transport by Herongrange is a bespoke solution and can cater for anyone who requires it. Having worked to safely transport important people safely throughout the world, Herongrange is exceptional at providing that comfortable and safe solution to moving across land, sea, and air. With expert management every step of the way, clients can sit back and relax in the knowledge that they are protected and travelling to their destinations with ease.

In the modern age, there is no ignoring the risks that can present themselves where celebrities go. This is due to the mass crowds that can congregate as a result. Criminals and terrorists will often target events and situations where people are gathered. With VIPs often attending and hosting these events, they are more at risk than most. Having a close protection security solution present to minimise the threat to individuals is one of the most secure ways to protect celebrities when out in the public. At Herongrange our team of officers are highly trained, with a breadth of experience working in a plethora of different sectors including film, TV, radio and the music industry in some very extreme locations. With this quality of expertise, Herongrange is proud to minimise risks for all our clients and be a part of the solution to the unlawful and destructive incidents that can occur.

Herongrange’s Clients

Many clients opt for Herongrange’s executive transportation solutions to provide a trusted and expert service that will get them where they need to be and safely. Recently, comedians Will Mellor and Ralf Little chose to travel with Herongrange whilst completing a UK tour. This tour consisted of travel between numerous locations across the country and saw the celebrities encountering new crowds of fans at their destinations. For this reason, it was important that the duo had a safe and secure transportation solution that would protect them from fan harassment and the media that would gather outside venues. The tour ran smoothly, and the celebrities did not encounter unwanted attention thanks to the privacy they received from their transport solution. Both Will and Ralf praised Herongrange for the effectiveness of the secure travel solution and we were able to enjoy their tour in comfort.

Herongrange are well-versed in delivering solutions that will provide protection on the move, and the bespoke transport offerings is just one way that Herongrange has brought about comfort and calm for celebrities moving around. With a routine decided and the familiarity of the same transport between locations, VIPs can trust and feel at ease with their executive transportation when travelling. Clients with Herongrange are assisted every step of their journey, and with expert management from Herongrange itself, the client’s schedules are met and timetables are executed.

Executive Transportation:
Tried & Tested

Our Executive Transportation was tried out by comedy duo Will Mellor & Ralf Little on their recent podcast turned comedy roadshow tour and its safe to say the guys loved the V-Class; travelling in comfort and style with Herongrange and our Close Protection Officers. Check out their review video here.

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