Herongrange provide Detection Dogs teams covering a range of disciplines across the whole of the UK, including:


Our Detection Dogs cover both searches of people passively (queues and crowds) alongside proactive searches of places such as workplaces, educational establishments, vehicles etc.


The Sporting Events Act 1985, makes it an offense for any person to attempt to enter a football ground while in possession of a flare, smoke bomb or firework. Our Pyrotechnic Detection Dogs are trained to search both people and property to ensure the act is upheld. 


Herongrange provide highly trained Explosive Detection Dog teams. Operating both planned proactive and reactive searches of premises. Providing a high profile deterrent to any event.


Our search dog teams are all trained and qualified and we cover all sectors; our experience is largely within the education sector and events however our detection dog services can also be used by public sector organisations, government agencies, private businesses, healthcare establishments and the hotel and leisure industry.

CASE STUDY – Drugs in the Work Place 

Drug testing in the workplace is a sensitive subject and it isn’t hugely commonplace in the UK yet. However, with statistics showing over 20% of people are regular drug users some organisations may decide it is a necessity to drug test especially when their staff are working in roles with essential safety critical decision making.

Currently, the most used procedure for drug testing will include taking a urine sample from the member of staff, causing them unnecessary embarrassment in the workplace. On top of this, these tests are not hugely accurate and different circumstances can lead to a false positive result, leading to further embarrassment of a secondary hair follicle sample being required.

Herongrange’s detection dog service is discreet, scenting the air around a person and their belongings in an office or locker room environment detecting the use of recent drug use or drugs on a person.

Detection Dog Services
Detection Dog Services
Detection Dog Services