Construction sites are notoriously vulnerable to theft and vandalism. At Herongrange, our construction security division provides solutions specifically for the building and construction industry. We are incredibly well experienced in designing, installing and maintaining solutions, and believe that no one takes your site security quite as seriously as we do.

We continuously monitor and adapt our innovative systems to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients. That’s why we work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of construction security solutions, from access control and CCTV to manned guarding banksman services, all designed around your site to provide both temporary and long-term security solutions.

“Herongrange have been our division’s go-to for our security needs on all our developments for several years. They have provided us with a superb level of service and expertise even when working under pressure to get sites secure at last-minute notice. The 24/7 video surveillance system, along with the out of hours patrols, have helped thwart many break-ins. Even when we have had the odd few, the response times from their patrol units have been quick which has helped in preventing potential thefts and damage. We will continue to work with Herongrange long into the future.”



The presence of CCTV cameras has always proven to be a highly effective deterrent. Herongrange provides the systems and monitoring services to ensure your site is consistently protected.

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Access Control

Prevent unauthorised visitors to your premises with access control. Our solution is as modular as your situation or site requirements.

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Time Lapse

Using state-of-the-art intelligent cameras, Herongrange can capture your project in HD or 4K video time lapse. It’s a stunning solution to documenting the expertise in your build – from start to finish.

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Delivery Management

We’ve launched our very own online Delivery Management System to make deliveries to your site more manageable, maximise your resources and increase the alliance with your suppliers.

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Media Screens

An ideal way to engage and communicate with a wider workforce, Herongrange can configure welcome screens, site safety screens, site maps, or screens displaying live and dynamic content.

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We supply and install a full range of vehicle barriers, including manually lifted, motorised, drop skirts, bar lights, free-exit induction loops, manned controls, lock-down, timer options and ANPR.

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Survey Module

Getting feedback from your staff is simple with our ‘HappyNotHappy’ survey module, designed to provide quick and simple answers to bespoke questions set by you.

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Manned Guarding

Manned guards and mobile patrols provide a physical presence to protect your site from unauthorised access. Our established network of trusted security partners will help provide an exceptional level of security on your site.

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Dog Handling

Nothing dissuades intruders like the presence of a human and his canine friend. Our stationary and mobile patrols will ensure a physical presence that deters against theft, vandalism and unauthorised access.

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Control Room

Alongside our traditional Manned Guarding services, we use the latest proven technologies and control centre personnel to keep our clients secure.

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Mobile CCTV

Keep your site secure with Webeye: the intelligent security monitoring system. Battery powered, cost effective and easy to install.

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Fire Marshal

It is imperative that construction sites take fire risks seriously. Working in an ever-changing environment means that potential fire risks must be continually assessed and monitored.

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Response Service

When a potential threat triggers your alarms; you can rest assured that the Herongrange CCTV monitoring and response team will be managing it, monitoring the footage to determine whether or not there is an intrusion.

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Co-ordinating vehicles and machinery entering and exiting your site whilst ensuring the safety of staff and vehicles, will be the site Banksman.

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From the construction security team

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