As you would expect, our security dogs and fully accredited Dog Handlers are highly trained and work to strict legal guidelines. With regular training, our security dogs and their handlers always work to the highest possible standard.

Herongrange dog handling units work with a wide variety of clients; from industrial developments and perimeter patrolling at events, to personal protection for blue-chip clients. Whatever your security problem may be, our dog handling services will provide an efficient solution.


Dealing with everyday situations, our teams work within the law providing everything from site security to squatter and traveller eviction.
Security dogs are used for a variety of reasons, some typical threats include:
• Thieves
• Security breaches
• Attackers
• Vandalism
• Crowd control
• Trespassing

Traveller Removal

With a great understanding of eviction and trespass law, our dog handling services can carry out a speedy eviction of travellers from private land.

Personal Protection

Our security dogs and handlers provide personal protection to many of our blue-chip clients. The dogs act as a visual deterrent and use controlled aggression to handle threats.

Breach of Security

If you have a breach in security, our dogs and handlers are experienced at securing your assets and removing the threat quickly and efficiently.

Event Security

Our security dogs and handlers can be hired to patrol events, acting as a visual deterrent. The dogs are highly trained to act with controlled aggression if necessary.


The security dogs are trained to sense threats by smell, sight and sound which leads the dog handlers to the danger, then controlled aggression is used to intimidate attackers and act as a visual deterrent.

Dog handling services are highly cost effective and incredibly efficient – and can resolve situations much faster than a regular security guard.

Our well-equipped security officers will not be intimidated by aggression and are accustomed to gathering and giving evidence in hostile situations.

We can also provide detection dog services covering a range of disciplines across the whole of the UK – get in touch to find out more.

Manned Guarding Dog Handling
Manned Guarding Dog Handling
Manned Guarding Dog Handling

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