Herongrange Banksman: Why Your Construction Site Needs One

Construction Banksman

Your Site Safety

There are an estimated 94,545 construction businesses in the UK as of 2023, an increase of 2.6% from 2022. This industry relies on both capital (plant, machinery and equipment) and labor to similar degrees. This means that the welfare of workers and the condition of machinery is undeniably critical in the running of any construction site.

When working in construction, it is highly likely that you will have many vehicles, plant and machinery entering, exiting and working on your site at any one time. Co-ordinating these vehicles and ensuring the safety of staff and vehicles, will be the site Banksman.

What a Herongrange Banksman Does

At Herongrange, our Banksman will direct the movements of large vehicles on site and oversee the loading and unloading. On a busy site, they will be your eyes and ears to ensure safe manoeuvres and protect the drivers, staff, other vehicles and property. As well as overseeing the large vehicles, they can be called upon for directing traffic around the site and avoiding chaos.

Having a good vehicle Banksman to oversee operations is crucial for any well-run construction site. With so many moving parts, it’s paramount to us to provide a service you can trust. They present our clients with peace of mind knowing that significant damage to vehicles and equipment will be prevented, and more importantly, help prevent injuries and accidents on site.

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“Herongrange have been our division’s go-to for our security needs on all our developments for several years. They have provided us with a superb level of service and expertise even when working under pressure to get sites secure at last-minute notice. The 24/7 video surveillance system, along with the out of hours patrols, have helped thwart many break-ins. Even when we have had the odd few, the response times from their patrol units have been quick which has helped in preventing potential thefts and damage. We will continue to work with Herongrange long into the future.”

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