At Herongrange, before implementing any guarding solutions, we will first gain an in-depth insight into your organisation, security concerns and requirements. We’ll also assess your current security arrangements and situation. From there, our team will design and present a bespoke guarding solution for your business.

Our guarding solutions include manned guarding, dog handling and response teams, as well as industry specialists, such as: retail security, leisure security and fire marshal services.

Once your security service is in place, we will employ a range of processes to establish, track and ensure continuing excellent performance. These include Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

Manned Guarding

We will gain an in-depth insight into your organisation, security concerns and requirements as well as assess your current security arrangements and situation before presenting a bespoke solution.

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Dog Handlers

We work with a wide variety of clients; from industrial developments and perimeter patrolling at events, to personal protection for blue-chip clients. Whatever your security problem may be, we will provide an efficient solution.

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Retail Security

Protecting the interests of your retail business comes with its own unique challenges and considerations. With our experience and solutions, we can provide the protection and confidence you seek.

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Leisure Security

The leisure and entertainment industries demand experience in dealing with your unique challenges. From pubs, nightclubs and events to tours, VIPs and celebrities, we have the comprehensive solutions to meet your demands.

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Mobile & Response

We know how important it is to ensure your organisation runs smoothly, even during emergencies. We will take away the hassle and give you the confidence that we’re protecting your business day and night.

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Fire Marshall

Fire safety is imperative to the safety of your staff and premises. Our services are crucial to keeping your environment safe, minimising fire risks, or responding and evacuating quickly and safely in the event of a fire.

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First impressions matter and our concierge security services create the very best. Our concierge security staff are multi-skilled and highly trained and will be ready to face all challenges, with a welcoming demeanour.

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There is no deterrent quite like a physical presence.


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