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Being prepared for the worst-case scenario can help your company be successful. There is no denying that businesses in today’s climate are facing a wide range of security risks. The error many businesses are making, however, comes into play when those risks are overlooked. You might seek to save money, but don’t cut corners. Affordable security solutions do exist, and putting in the investment to protect your business could lead to further savings in the future.

Adding security solutions to your business can save you money. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the affordable security solutions that you can implement easily to keep your employees, assets, and staff safe.


Stopping Crime Before it Occurs

First and foremost, investing in affordable physical security solutions can save your business money by preventing costly incidents before they occur. For example, a comprehensive security system that includes CCTV, access control, and physical barriers can deter theft and break-ins, protecting your business’ assets. In the case of a burglary, having a security system in place can help deter crime, allow authorities to identify any perpetrators, and give your company the chance to recover stolen goods if a criminal succeeds in committing a crime. Whilst these processes might seem like an additional cost, you’re working to minimise financial losses and therefore protect your business from losing money later down the line.

Now that we’ve established the importance of seeking out those affordable security solutions that can make a big difference, let’s take a closer look at some of the solutions that are available to businesses today.

Video surveillance is an essential component of any comprehensive security system. Not only does CCTV provide a deterrent to potential criminals, but it also allows businesses to monitor their premises remotely and identify any suspicious activity. Affordable video surveillance systems, such as Herongrange’s Camsheild Software, can be installed easily and offer a range of features, including double-imaging technology, 24/7 operation, and can be linked to monitored control rooms.

Access control systems are another cost-effective security solution that can help businesses protect their physical assets. These systems allow businesses to control who has access to their premises, limiting the potential for unauthorised entry. Access control systems can range from simple key-card readers to biometric scanners, depending on the level of security required. All entries into your building or site will be monitored and no unauthorised personnel will be able to gain access without pre-approval. Being sure of who can get into the premises, means you can save yourself the risk of allowing anyone with any motive to enter your business.

Security barriers are another highly effective and cost-efficient physical security solution that can help businesses place restrictions on who is coming in and out. These barriers come in a variety of forms with numerous features for each, including barriers which are manually lifted, motorised, include drop skirts, bar lights, free-exit induction loops, manned controls, lock-down, timer options and ANPR. All of which can be used to control vehicular and pedestrian traffic. By installing security barriers, businesses can prevent unauthorised entry and reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, or other types of criminal activity. Furthermore, security barriers can be positioned at the most crucial points on the premises and installed to suit the specific needs of a business, making them a versatile and affordable option for enhancing your security.


Affordable Security Solutions with Herongrange

In addition to these solutions, businesses can also invest in manned guarding services, intruder alarms, and fog systems. All of which work to prevent crime, and alert you to any issues identified at your company property. You can find the most affordable and appropriate ways to introduce security measures for your business by talking to a professional at Herongrange.  If you’re seeking to understand more about what security you might need or identify any ‘weak spots’ in your current security, we can carry out a survey to evaluate what your site needs before you invest in the solutions. That way, you know what will work and can be sure that it is the most affordable security solution for you.

In conclusion, adding affordable physical security solutions to your business can save you money in the long run by preventing costly incidents and reducing liability risks. By investing in solutions with Herongrange, you can protect your employees, assets, and staff from a range of risks. Don’t wait until an incident occurs to implement security measures – take proactive steps now to protect your business and save money in the process.

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