Keep your site secure with our mobile CCTV units, they are battery powered, cost effective and easy to install. Offering you an efficient, intelligent security monitoring system.

Our battery powered; wireless system protects sites without mains power. The temporary installations are cost effective and provide remote surveillance for your site. Most outdoor sites are uncontrolled and left open to criminal damage or theft, with few deterrents and no evidence for potential prosecution. Our temporary CCTV installations offer a versatile solution for your site’s security, alerting you off-site of any intrusions whilst eliminating costly false alarms.

You can add more systems as the site develops and once construction is complete, you can move the system to your new project.

Our rapid deployment systems enable you to monitor your sites, from anywhere in the world. It is a fully cloud based, video alarm handling software which is available to use via a Smartphone app. The sensors send an alarm with video footage straight to where it is needed and helps to protect against site theft and vandalism.

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