Our Bespoke Security Team know that no two assignments are ever the same and each has its own unique challenges. We take the time to understand your problems and requirements, before offering a solution that will meet your specific needs.

We will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of your people, property and assets. From event management to VIP transport and celebrity close protection, our bespoke security team have the specialist skills and comprehensive resources to meet your demands ongoing.

“Our offices are based in a rural location where there is quite a lot of passing foot traffic and industrial equipment. Other businesses in the area have been plagued with theft of the farm equipment. We contacted the team provide an alarm system to protect our offices 24/7. They designed and installed a system that would protect the building perimeter during office hours and fully protect all areas during out of hours. Their engineer fitted the system with minimal disruption and left after cleaning up after himself.”


Close Protection

Close Protection is a very specialised sector and as such requires the experience of an expert team as no two assignments are ever the same.

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Film and TV

Operating in the film and television industry comes with unique challenges. We won’t just give you an ‘off-the-shelf’ security package, instead we get to know your requirements and issues thoroughly before offering solutions that meet your individual needs.

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Leisure Security

From pubs and nightclubs to events, VIPs and celebrities, we have the comprehensive solutions to meet your current and ongoing demands.

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Event Security

Securing businesses and people in the events industry is a specialist undertaking. Herongrange has the staff and experience to secure almost every environment.

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Our multi-skilled concierge staff know that first impressions matter. They are ready to face any challenge, with a welcoming demeanour.

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Fog System

We have joined forces with industry leader Density to offer our customers Security Fog Systems. Find out how you could implement a Fog Security System within your business environment to protect your premises and staff.

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