General Purpose Security Dogs: Protect your Business

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Why investing in General Purpose Security Dogs benefits you and your business

Investing in General Purpose Security Dog services with Herongrange could be the answer to protecting your Utility, Infrastructure and Construction Sites. Herongrange’s General Purpose Security Dogs can be utilised to guard and protect areas of vulnerability across your sites, keeping your assets and property safe from trespassers, vandalism and theft.

We have experience of protecting:

• Utility sites, including wind and solar power farms and power lines
• Infrastructure sites, including Network Rail’s railways and depots
• Constructions sites, up and down the country
• As well as a host of other sectors including distribution and manufacturing

Protecting your Site

Often, with large sites, it is inevitable that there are areas where security is weaker, and technology can’t always reach every area. However, you can still ensure it is protected from crime by introducing General Purpose Security Dogs. Dog Handler teams can regularly patrol those areas, giving you extra visibility of all areas of your site as well as creating a visual deterrent.

Network Rail work with Herongrange to deliver a security solution, that includes Manned Guards and General Purpose Security Dogs in order to secure the area during times of track-side maintenance. This helped to guard against trespassing and theft of materials and machinery. We continue to work with them throughout the UK. Read more about the solution we provided here.

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What better deterrent than a highly trained dog?

It’s well known that a ‘beware of the dog’ sign is a great deterrent against burglaries of residential properties so imagine what a real life General Purpose Security Dog can do for your business? Benefits of General Purpose Security Dogs vs Security Officers alone:

• Greater deterrent
• Cover more ground
• Higher level of training
• Can reduce manpower
• Better level of protection

Protect your business and assets with Herongrange’s General Purpose Security Dogs. Offering a greater deterrent and better level of protection, the Handlers and Dogs will work tirelessly to bring about a safe environment for you, and your business.

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