It is imperative that construction sites take fire risks seriously. Working in an ever-changing environment means that potential fire risks must be continually assessed and monitored, protecting your staff, visitors and premises.


Our Fire Marshal Services are tailored to suit your premises. We will carefully assess your business, safety concerns and requirements to establish a bespoke Fire Marshalling solution. Our specially trained Marshals are experts in fire prevention and safe evacuation, significantly minimising the risk of fire and injury on site.

The Marshals will ensure your equipment and fire alarms are in working order, ensure fire exits are clear, safety signs are visible and electrical items are correctly tested. They will organise and execute regular fire drills so that everyone is aware of procedure. Our Fire Marshals will take care of risk assessments and fire related paperwork and ensure this is kept up to date.

At Herongrange, we can also take care of the installation, servicing and maintenance of your Fire Safety equipment. Get in touch today to find out more about our Fire Marshal services.

Fire Marshall
Fire Marshall