Fire safety is often overlooked in businesses yet is imperative to the safety of your staff and premises. Our fire marshal services are crucial to keeping your environment safe, minimalising fire risks, or responding and evacuating quickly and safely in the event of a fire.



At Herongrange, our dedicated fire marshals are specially trained in fire prevention and safe evacuation. Before implementing our fire marshal services, we will carefully assess your business, fire safety concerns and requirements. We will then carry out a bespoke fire marshalling solution.


The day-to-day responsibilities of the fire marshal will depend on the organisations fire risk assessment but will usually include the testing of fire alarms; checking emergency exits are clear, fire extinguishers are fully functioning and fire safety signs are visible; ensuring electrical items are PAT tested and organising fire drills regularly so that everybody in the building is aware of the procedure in case of a fire. Our fire marshals also carry out and review risk assessments regularly and maintain any necessary paperwork. They monitor the disposal and storage of hazardous materials in order to minimalise the risk of fire and explosions, including the regular emptying of ashtrays in smoking areas.


A risk of fire is significantly low when our fire marshals are carrying out their duties. In the unlikely event of a fire, our fire marshal will alert services and carry out a safe evacuation, following a detailed procedure. Fire marshals will do this by:

  • Raising the alarm, if It has not already been done;
  • Guiding people out of the building through emergency exits, and aiding vulnerable staff
    (e.g. disabled or pregnant);
  • Making sure that any machinery has been made safe;
  • Conducting a methodical search of the premises to check all areas have been fully evacuated, including storage and toilets;
  • Fighting the fire with appropriate extinguishers if it is safe to do so;
  • Taking a register of colleagues and making sure that everyone is accounted for;
  • Making sure no one re-enters the premises until it has been made safe; and
  • Gathering information and reporting all information to the Fire Officer in charge.


At Herongrange we offer installation, servicing and maintenance of Fire Safety equipment. If you’d like to find out more about our fire marshal services, get in touch today.

Fire Marshall Service
Fire Marshall Service
Fire Marshall Service