The presence of CCTV cameras has always proven to be a highly effective deterrent. Herongrange provides the systems and monitoring services to ensure your site is consistently protected.


 CCTV cameras are a tried and tested, very effective way of deterring intruders. Our unique software further transforms this deterrent into an intelligent, hard-working and site-friendly monitoring system.


24/7 camera operation provides not only out of hours security, but also a host of potential advantages for site managers to make use of the daytime recording. Key staff members can even interact with the system from home, providing unique flexibility to meet your specific needs. Our unique ‘double-imaging’ technology highlights any analysed movement to our control staff, who can clearly see the intrusion, even in challenging areas or conditions.

If your organisation is serious about its security, our industry leading CamShield CCTV system provides the most cost-effective, flexible and interactive solution in the field.


A CCTV trailer is perfect for construction sites that require a temporary security solution, quickly. The trailer is ideal for situations where little or no infrastructure is present. It is a stand-alone system which offers cost effective site security.

The trailers can be fitted with multiple fixed cameras, or a 360-degree tilt and zoom camera, fixed to the tower mast.

The presence of CCTV cameras has always proven to be a highly effective deterrent. A CCTV trailer allows for 24-hour monitoring and can be linked to our control room to notify us of any cause for alarm.             


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