Security for Celebrities

Being a celebrity may come with glamour, but at the expense of privacy and safety. Public figures often face harassment, invasions of privacy and can become targets of crime, making reliable and skilled security a must. Bespoke security for celebrities can protect individuals against challenges throughout their everyday tasks. This might be checking their vehicles and escorting their transport, scanning premises before their arrival, protecting them against harassment, and even ensuring their safety between locations.

Close Protection for people within the public eye is a key service offered by Herongrange Group Ltd. With their expertly trained security professionals, Herongrange can provide security for celebrities whilst offering a level of personal human interaction to create a relaxed and secure environment for the person within their care. With the burden of fame becoming a detriment to safety, here are 5 reasons why VIPs need close protection.

Safety in Crowds

Large numbers of people present risks to those in the public eye. Crowds can be a dangerous place, with over-excited people and those who have sinister intent, a person in the spotlight could be at risk. With Close Protection, celebs can make their way through crowds, and even meet their fans, safely and without excessive restriction. VIPs are able to enjoy the perks of their celebrity status, without the consequences of unpredictable crowds. Herongrange offers close protection so clients can go about their day with ease but be reassured that they are safe if situations turn sour.

Secure Travel

Close Protection isn’t just about pushing through crowded places and making way for the VIPs once they have arrived at their destination. Security risks can also present themselves along the way. Close Protection Officers can travel with clients to ensure they are fully protected between locations. For example, if a celebrity is completing a tour across the UK, the public have access to information about their locations and the dates they are in those locations. This makes them vulnerable. To combat the exposed position this puts a person in, Close Protection is required to see them through their tour without issue.

Comfortable Security

Security measures can often feel necessary but cold. By having friendly Close Protection Officers, VIPs will have the knowledge that they are safe without the anxiety of feeling intensely watched. Herongrange’s Close Protection Officers are trained to professionally deal with unprecedented situations, put the safety of their client first, and be always alert for safety risks. More than that though, the Officers are there to create a comfortable environment for their client. It is unnatural for a person to be overwhelmed with unwelcoming guards, instead Close Protection Officers at Herongrange offer the security celebrities need with the kind attitude they deserve.

Personal Preparation

Close Protection is all about people. Therefore, this security measure considers the person as an individual. Knowledge of the individual, and the specifics of their security requirements, leads to efficient and organised measures being put in place. This allows for quick action to be taken if a threat is revealed, and equally creates a comfortable and reliable relationship between the client and the Close Protection Officers. Before implementing a security team for the individual, Herongrange will assess the person’s current security arrangements and arrange meetings to gain an in-depth understanding of their exact concerns and requirements.

Responsible and Responsive Protection

Initiatives to protect against potential threats is a must, and the security of celebrities cannot be done with technological systems alone. The need for in-person security is vital to ensure safety within the moment and to eliminate their anxieties. Close Protection Officers can are trained to be hyper alert for any suspicious behaviour, or other security risks, and they can take immediate action to stop a threat escalating. Without the human element in a security solution for the VIP, there will be a delay in recognising an issue and responding effectively.

Herongrange is experienced in Close Protection and has successfully delivered the service for several well-known names. Including Jamie Oliver, Will Mellor and Ralf Little, Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer, as well as other celebrity figures who featured as guests on Steph’s Packed Lunch, and even presenters of the Apprentice. With years of expertise, Herongrange deliver exceptional Close Protection services no matter who the person, where the location, and what the requirements.

The responsibility of being a part of a manned security team is not taken lightly by Herongrange staff. With expertise in all thing’s Close Protection and even crowd management, Herongrange can deploy officers that will act quickly in the face of a security risk, will put clients at ease with their friendly demeanour, and work with the individual to produce a security solution that suits them. To find out more about Herongrange’s Close Protection services, visit the Herongrange website. Read more about the effectiveness of Close Protection in Herongrange’s Case Study: Will and Ralf Celebrity Tour.

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