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Specialist Detection Dog

Our Specialist Detection Dog Services

Herongrange has a range of specialised Detection Dog services that can protect your properties or sites from threats. With expertise in the security industry, Herongrange has a full complement of teams of Detection Dogs and Handlers, who are dedicated to bringing about safety and security for our clients. From Drug Detection Dogs, perfect for delivering non-invasive searches at a place of work, Pyrotechnic Detection Dogs ideal for reducing risks at sports events, and even Explosive Detection Dogs, who operate both planned and proactively to provide a high profile deterrent whilst protecting the public and properties from risk.

Drug Detection Dogs

Places of work should be safe for all employees. It is the place people spend most of their days. Therefore, it is crucial for your business to provide a safe and secure place for employees to complete their jobs effectively. This includes ensuring that your work is free from illegal drug usage – inline with your drug policies.

Detecting drug usage or possession at work can be a difficult situation to approach. Whilst it is necessary to ensure your company is drug-free, it is also important that staff feel comfortable with the process. Boundaries must be respected and therefore a non-invasive solution is required. At Herongrange, we can provide Drug Detection Dogs that remove the need for prying and personal testing, which can create a hostile environment between staff and senior authority. Instead, by opting to use Drug Detection Dogs through Herongrange, we can identify any drug issues within the workplace without the invasive testing. Dogs use their heightened sense of smell to distinguish and draw attention to any scents associated with illegal drugs. This can highlight who might be using ,or in possession of, illegal substances and the appropriate action can be taken to effectively resolve the situation.

Herongrange’s Drug Detection Dogs are not only useful in the workplace. They can also be utilised in situations where large crowds are present, to passively search people in queues or crowds and, draw attention to where illegal substances might be present. However, drugs are not the only illegal item people are attempting to bring into crowded environments.

Pyrotechnic Detection Dogs

Where crowds gather, you can expect there is some risk of illegal activity. Whatever the identified risks, events should be prioritising safety. By implementing Detection Dogs at your sports matches, concerts, parties and festivals, the venue, guests and property are better protected against crime.

Another specialised area for our Detection Dogs at Herongrange, is Pyrotechnic Detection. Our professionally trained Pyrotechnic Detection Dogs are taught to search both people and properties. Sporting events are, particularly, at risk of dangerous pyrotechnics being smuggled in and set off. The Sporting Events Act 1985, deemed it an illegal offence for a person to enter a sports ground while in possession of fireworks, flares or smoke bombs. These are items that our specialist Pyrotechnic Detection Dogs are trained to seek out, so you can be confident that all attendees are safe and the law is abided by.

Explosive Detection Dogs

In extreme circumstances, explosives may be planted or used to cause mass destruction. We are only too aware of the impacts of explosives due to terrorist attacks and similar. Therefore, it is crucial that places are equipped to search and stop any attempts at detonating explosives. Most often, these attempts are made at crowded events venues, in public places or high-value targets. With a highly trained department of Explosive Detection Dog teams, at Herongrange we can operate detailed searches of all kinds of premises to reduce the risks and threats.

Proactive and reactive searches that Herongrange Explosive Detection teams carry out can give you confidence that your site has not been targeted by explosive attacks. Equally, if your property/site has been targeted, we can work quickly to resolve the issue. Furthermore, by having our Explosive Detection Dogs on hand, your venue or site is creating a high-profile deterrent. This will work to reduce the risk before a real threat presents itself.

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Visiting The Total Security Summit

Recently, we attended The Total Security Summit in Manchester. We took part in talks about all our Detection Dog teams, including our Drug Detection Dogs, Pyrotechnic Detection Dogs and our Explosive Detection Dogs. Head of Specialist Services, Mike Townson, attended the event, along with Detection Dog Poppy, to demonstrate how our Detection Dogs can locate hidden substances without being invasive. The event was a great success and our dogs performed exceptionally well, delivering their best professional service for all our exhibition visitors. We are committed to training all our dogs to the highest standard, so they can be relied upon to deliver a professional service every time.

If you saw or had a chat with us at this event, we’d love to connect again and understand how our Detection Dog services might be able to assist you. Didn’t catch us this time? We’d still love to hear from you and offer our Detection Dog services to your workplace, event or site.

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