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May 25, 2024
Control Room

A new year means new opportunities to review your security solutions. Ensuring the security measures that your business is taking to keep people, property, and assets safe, is crucial. Herongrange’s bespoke security team can offer a no obligation audit of your current security solution and make recommendations for improving electronic and physical security.

Electronic Security Measures

With electronic security measures, you can reduce the need for people to be physically present at locations. Instead, electronic devices can do the hard work for you. Still having the ability to incorporate human intervention if problems arise, whilst taking a more subtle and reduced approach to security.

CCTV Cameras


Does your business always need an eye kept on your properties or sites? Introducing CCTV solutions to cover your back in case of unwelcomed guests, is a great way to reduce thefts and intrusions. Whether this be fixed CCTV Cameras on buildings to cover those permanently vulnerable points or introducing portable CCTV devices to watch over temporary sites with weak security points.

Permanent CCTV installation is ideal for businesses with high-value assets that remain in one location. If criminals are aware of the equipment or machinery that your business is in procession of, it could make it a target. In an effort to deter criminals and/or catch footage of any attempts’, installing CCTV is one way to protect those assets that are crucial to your business operation.

Alternatively, if you are having to leave high-value items on different sites frequently, it’s best to invest in temporary CCTV that can be positioned anywhere that it is needed most. Introducing non-permanent CCTV solutions means you can ensure that, no matter where you are based, you are getting the best coverage to secure your assets. This is a particularly relevant security measure for those in the construction industry. More than just the threat of theft, construction sites are up against potential trespassing risks. Being prepared with temporary CCTV can deter trespassers or identify the culprits.

Access Control

Limit your business access to those who you trust. Introducing access control hardware and software can work to keep your properties and employees safe. From solutions such as turnstiles, cabins, barriers, and information display screens, you can be aware of who is entering your sites and when.

With physical presence of electronic controllers, such as the turnstiles and barriers, means those without a key-card or similar cannot access the building. It works to give complete control to the business owners, over who is allowed in. This, paired with our ‘SiteShield’ software, which works to allow entry to those in procession of a CSCS Smart Card is the perfect combination to keep tabs on who is in the building and at what times.

The features of our exceptional access control solutions, include a web-portal to enter employee data, integration to link multiple sits together, PC on site to guarantee fast and reliable access to data, and finally biometrics to register a person by either their hand, eye, finger, or face ensuring the access allowance is extra secure.

Physical Security Measures

Having a physical presence on site at your workplace can deter crime and ensure quick responses. People need to be a part of the solution to any security problem. Therefore, having security officers on hand can work to create fast resolutions when threats arise.

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Manned Guarding

Your business might be in need of Manned Guarding solutions. Whether that be to guard vulnerable points of a site, protect high-value assets, or keep a watchful eye on buildings, taking security measures that deter crime is a great way to eliminate threats.

Any threats that do present themselves, including trespassing, vandalism, theft, or anti-social behaviour, can be acted on quickly with Manned Guarding. The presence of security guards on a business site works as an effective deterrent to reduce the target on your businesses back. If a criminal identifies your business as being weak in security measures, there is a much higher chance that they will take the risk to commit a crime. By having a physical presence on site, you can cover the key points of entry and blind spots. With this solution in place, criminals are unlikely to risk an opportunity to steal or trespass as there is a high chance they will be caught.

Close Protection Security

One specialised bespoke offering for your security, is Close Protection. Herongrange security teams can issue the security measure of Close Protection to focus attention on the safety of an individual or individuals. The service revolves around a method of guarding that puts a person or people at the centre of the security solution. Close Protection can ensure an individual’s safety from crowds, anti-social behaviour, and even terrorism.

Often required as a security measure for celebrities or those in the public eye, Close Protection assists a person in traveling between locations, attending events, and moving between crowds. The responsibilities of a Close Protection officer are extensive. With the officers’ goals always to prioritise the safety of the individual/s in the face of threats. Putting in place this bespoke security measure by Herongrange can ensure an effective strategy is rolled out and executed painlessly to protect the client.

Here to Help

At Herongrange, we’re here to help you introduce the best security measures for your business. With diverse and adaptable security options, we can work with you to bring about the best solution for your business. We deliver a bespoke service for every client, as we understand that all businesses security requirements vary based on their industry, location, and unique circumstances.

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