Secure Your Premises: A Guide to CCTV Cameras for Businesses

CCTV Cameras

Give yourself, your employees, and your clients or customers peace of mind.

CCTV cameras for businesses can be installed to prevent crime, monitor abnormalities, or gather evidence that you might need later down the line. Instilling confidence for all stakeholders of your company is vital in running effectively, therefore prioritising safety can create a domino effect for the success of your business.

Unfortunately, you can’t be everywhere all at once, and neither can your staff. Humans alone cannot monitor entire premises’ and have their eyes on everything, every second. With the installation of CCTV cameras for businesses, that problem is resolved. It’s true you can’t have eyes everywhere, but you can ensure a watchful resource is doing it for you with the use of CCTV.

There are multiple benefits for getting CCTV installed at your companies’ properties. Most notably, they act as a deterrent, you can rely on the footage as evidence, in many industries having CCTV meets legislative requirements, you can monitor the premises remotely, and it will increase confidence in the business as it shows you take safety seriously.

What CCTV do you need?

Now you’ve settled on the fact that CCTV cameras for your business is only a good thing for your staff, your assets and your property, there is just the question of what CCTV is most appropriate for your needs.

Fixed CCTV

If your business is located in one place, perhaps you have set office blocks, warehouses, or industrial sites that you keep all your assets at and all your staff attend every day, you’ll want permanent CCTV installation. Make the security measure a long-lasting one by protecting the areas that need it most on a permanent basis. If your business is fixed in one location, your security can be fitted to suit the needs of that location perfectly.

CCTV cameras for businesses should be installed in the areas most vulnerable and those which will have the biggest impact on protecting the security of the property or site. That is why having a bespoke solution that fits the needs of your company is crucial. Once the weak-points and the high-risk areas of your location are identified, CCTV can be installed and begin its work as a deterrent and as a defence against criminals.

At Herongrange our cameras work by connecting to the internet and can remain live and functioning effectively 24/7 to give your business all round coverage to protect the site even when no one is around. In the case of an intruder, the systems are able to tigger a warning both working to scare off the criminal and alert the issue. If the intruder persists despite the alarm, the authorities and the keyholder to the site will be informed immediately and appropriate action can be taken.

CCTV Trailers

Is your business not so straight forward? If you’re likely to be moving from location to location, you might have assumed CCTV was out of the question. That is not true. You can make use of CCTV through using a mobile solution that can be transported and moved to new locations and positioned in the most suitable places in each one.

One sector where mobile CCTV solutions work particularly effectively is in the construction industry. Often construction companies work on one site for a temporary period, leaving their machinery and equipment on the current site. However, without permanent residency in one location, but with important and expensive assets at risk of damage or theft in various locations, there is still the need for security solutions. Opting for CCTV trailers is the answer.

Ideal for locations where there is little or no infrastructure to attach CCTV cameras to, and perfect for positioning in the most at-risk areas, Herongrange’s CCTV trailers are mobile, stand alone, and sturdy. It works out as a cost-effective solution, as it can be moved around with the business, rather than investing in permanent solutions that will only be needed for a limited time and then become redundant.

Cover a whole site with cameras watching and recording the activity, you can leave no stone unturned even on those temporary locations. Our trailers can be fitted with several cameras attached to a tower mast, giving them a view of an entire site. Plus, with 360-degree tilt, the extended height of the mast, and zoom cameras, the CCTV solution can reach every stretch of the location.

Camshield Software

If you’re in need of CCTV protection for your business 24/7, Herongrange’s Camshield Software is our solution to consistant and reliable camera solutions. Camera operation provides not only out of hours security, but also a host of potential advantages for site managers to make use of the daytime recording. It works as a remote solution, meaning key staff members can even interact with the system even when they are not on site. It provides a flexible solution that is accessible to those who need to monitor sites and businesses most.

With unique ‘double imaging’ technology, Herongrange’s CCTV offering is advanced in its solution. Giving the ability to highlight and analyse movement and report back to our control staff, who can clearly identify intrusions even in challenging areas or conditions.

If your organisation is serious about its security, our industry leading CamShield CCTV system provides the most cost-effective, flexible, and interactive solution in the field.

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