Filming on Location: Keeping your Cast and Crew Safe on Set

May 25, 2024


Filming on location is fast-paced, busy, and exposed to the elements and the public. With so many factors at play, security is a necessity to avoid disturbance and to protect staff, cast, crews and even equipment or props. Prioritise safety whilst filming on location.


VIP Protection

Whether it’s the latest Netflix series, a new blockbuster film, or a Tesco’s advert, the subject of filming is often a well-known name. Attention from the press and from the public is a high possibility with location shoots, as they frequently occur in bustling city centres or within public spaces. Exposing a celebrity to the public, therefore, comes with risks.

Filming on location with security

Enlist the help of Herongrange Close Protection Officers for the cast whilst filming on location, as an effective way of ensuring their safety, whilst making the individual feel comfortable and protected. Herongrange’s Close Protection Officers are trained to be vigilant against any suspicious activities. If risks are detected, our Officers can take immediate action and prevent escalation of any threats. When filming is occurring outside the studio, celebrities are vulnerable to attacks or harassment by the press and public. Providing them with Close Protection can deter threats and add a layer of security in the case of incidents arising.

Herongrange is no stranger to delivering exceptional Close Protection for some big names. Including Jamie Oliver, Will Mellor, Ralf Little, Karen Brady and Jack Whitehall. The goal always being to keep the client safe. Filming on location should feel safe for actors, and it is a production company’s responsibility to ensure that care is considered for the cast they are working with. Providing bespoke Close Protection solutions to suit the needs of the client and to work around filming processes, Herongrange considers the unique requirements of each case and are there to uplift security when filming takes place out in the public eye.

Read the full case study about our Close Protection and Executive Transport solution for Will Mellor and Ralf Little HERE.

Protection of High Value Items

The subject of filming doesn’t always have to be a person. Brands frequently shoot on location for advertisement purposes. Taking brand products on the road and to numerous locations puts them at risk of theft, vandalism, or even disruption to filming due to the excitement the brands can stir up in the public. Taking the precautions needed to ensure security is purposeful for your assets, as well as for people, is a consideration that can’t be overlooked.

Herongrange is well-versed in delivering security whilst on location sets for big brand shoot days. Most recently Herongrange provided effective solutions for the luxury car brand, Mercedes, and the alcoholic beverage brand Stella Artois. For both brands, Herongrange’s teams delivered bespoke security solutions to allow filming to proceed without disruption or delay. Comprehensive risk assessments were carried out to optimise security for the needs of each production day and location. Working to the specific needs of the brand and team, security solutions were rolled out including Close Protection for assets and Traffic Marshals to support product and vehicle transportation across filming locations.

Filming on Location for Live Television

Filming on location is a complex process, even more so when it’s streamed live online or to TV screens nation-wide. Ensuring security is prepared extensively and in advance of filming is key in avoiding unexpected incidents and negating risks ahead of time. Live filming means there is no room for error. Irradicate any security issues by having the people and technology on hand to identify risks and act on them before disruptions and distractions occur.

Herongrange are equipped to provide security on location both in the case of pre-recordings and in live filming production. Teams recently worked with Europa Combat, to provide security for professional boxers Ricky Hatton and Marco Antonio Barrera, during their comeback to professional fighting in 2022. From security in the build-up to the fight, to security on the day, Herongrange provided bespoke solutions to see the fighters through to the televised fight night.

Read the full Ricky Hatton fight night case study HERE.

Herongrange’s Services

No matter who or what needs protecting during filming on location, Herongrange’s Teams have the expertise to deliver exceptional security solutions. Enhanced services can be arranged to ensure shoot days run to plan, without disturbance. With the ability to react quickly to fast changing environments and adapt plans to deliver the most effective security solutions for you and your film production, Herongrange are the experts you need to manage security on shoot locations.

Filming away from the studio leaves your production company, actors, and property at risk from the public, the media, and general environmental elements, not to mention the added complications when the filming is live. Prioritise the safety of people and assets on location, and ensure a stress-free shoot by enlisting Herongrange to support you.

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