Infologue Top 65 Security Company


Herongrange Group is now a Infologue Top 65 Security Company, entering with our new position for the first time at 65. Read more about the importance of Infologue here.

Rise in Costs. Rise in Theft. Rise in the Need for Manned Guarding.

Manned Guarding

The UK has entered a period where the cost of living is on the up and it is unclear when that rise is set to drop back down. There are inevitable consequences that occur as a reaction to this. Read more to find out how this rise brings about the need for Manned Guarding services.

Case Study: Will and Ralf Celebrity Tour

Celebrity Close Protection

Herongrange Group was entrusted with the protection of Will and Ralf on tour, to deliver quality security solutions that both created a relaxed and comfortable environment for the two men, but also prioritised their safety along the way.