Herongrange: Our Core Values

Core values are the principles and behaviour standards of a company and it’s employees.

It’s important that you have core values as a business, they can guide your employees towards reaching both professional and personal goals, whilst also helping them work together as a team to achieve the company’s goals. Values are the blueprint of the decision-making process and constitute the foundation of organisational culture.

Do you know what our core values are at Herongrange? We pride ourselves on them, they weave through everything we do as a company, and represent everything we stand for.

Our Pledge Commitment Promise Guarantee to you

Herongrange is committed to delivering the highest standard of service within our divisions and products, a pledge that we take incredibly seriously across all facets of our business.


Integrity is a trait that we ensure runs throughout our establishment, from head office to teams on the ground. The integrity within the Herongrange team can be measured by three things; Respect, Honesty and Fairness.


Herongrange Group consists of five divisions, leading to five teams working together, alongside directors, executives and our team based at HQ. With each team experiencing different roles, and in order for Herongrange to work as well as it does, it’s vital that our employees respect one another, and that they respect our clients at all times.


It goes without saying that a business needs honesty to survive. We’ve nurtured a culture of honesty throughout Herongrange Group and believe this truly contributes to our successes. Not only are we honest amongst each other, but we also have a 100% honesty policy with each of our clients. No matter the assignment, we maintain absolute honesty throughout providing services, opinions and quotes.


Fairness is often naturally generated through a culture of honesty and respect. The open-communication that comes with honesty, and an overall mutual respect creates an environment of fairness and civility. At Herongrange we strive every day to create and maintain a fair environment for our team and our clients in everything we do.


One outstanding trait in successful businesses and their teams is innovation. We see Herongrange as being innovative and pioneering figures within the industries we work in. Whilst innovative is quite a broad statement, we’ve also segmented it down to three traits of Herongrange; Profit, Sustainability and Ambition.


Really, if there’s one thing in this world that a business needs to survive, it’s profit. We like to think we’ve found the sweet spot between having the profit to continue to serve the high-quality service our clients are used to, whilst also ensuring to meet every other one of our core values too.


We believe every business has a responsibility to be mindful of how their service or product could contribute to global warming, and be as sustainable as they can. We supply solar powered mobile CCTV units, and many of our team drive electric company cars.


Ambition is a value and trait that we highly value across Herongrange. We’re never afraid to be pioneering, determined, push the boundaries and aim high. Our clients benefit from an ambitious team that are always willing to go the extra mile for each service we deliver.


Over the years Herongrange has built a reputation to be proud of. We’ve gained a vast range of accreditations and acknowledgements from industry leading awarding bodies, and have continuously proven to our clients that we can be relied upon, and that they are in safe hands. Our image can be defined by three traits; Quality, Credibility and Resilience.


We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality service. Quality runs through everything we do. We have a robust Quality System in place to ensure that we remain compliant with all industry legislations. We have regular audits which allow us to regularly improve our systems and procedures, meaning our clients continue to receive the high-quality service they know and love, no matter the divison, no matter the circumstance.


Our credibility within the film and TV industry especially can be indicated by the number of high-profile roles we continue to provide services for. Our portfolio consists of the likes of The Apprentice, SAS Who Dares Wins, Lindsay Lohan and Jack Whitehall to name just a few.


As many businesses worldwide can relate to, simply continuing to provide the same level of service to our clients throughout the uncertain climate over the last three years is testament enough to our resilience at Herongrange. Our adaptability as a team really plays a part in how resilient we are. There will be times in life when things don’t go to plan, but so long as calm and focus is maintained, we believe we can adapt and overcome anything.


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The winner of January’s Employee of the Month was Craig Emmington. Nominated by David Kane, Chief Operations Officer, Craig’s actions brought about the desired response to a safety incident which happened recently. Well done Craig.

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