Herongrange’s specialists have made Network Rail operations safer and more secure up and down the country.

The issues and our solution:

Network Rail trusted Herongrange Group to propose a solution that was completely unlike any other security solution they had trialled before.

There were 4 areas that Network Rail needed assistance with:

Track side maintenance is a complicated exercise to organise between multiple subcontractors. Plans, timetables, and schedules change daily, and the Herongrange Project Manager has to adapt in real-time and ensure all areas are secure and everyone understands their role whilst on site. Herongrange’s expert dog handlers were deployed to the site to act as a deterrent and secure the area.

When maintaining tracks Network Rail will cut the fences to give them access to the particular part of the track they are working on that day/night – previously these parts of the fences were not manned by security specialists, which often meant that the public was able to gain access to the dangerous, live tracks and additionally thefts of tools due to the lack of security presence was a frequent occurrence. Herongrange proposed dog handlers and manned guards to man these gaps in the fences to deter the public. All vehicles would now be subject to checks by manned guards before leaving these areas.

Since Herongrange’s track side presence there has been zero reported incidents.

Following the ongoing successful implementation of the above track side security work, Herongrange was also asked to propose a solution to the issues that Network Rail was encountering at their Birmingham HQ.

Our solution involved manned guards within the car park that would ensure all the staff and visitors parked in the appropriate bays and that the emergency vehicles were always able to vacate the car park immediately. Additionally, we recommended a full sign in/sign out system logging personnel and vehicle details to deter thefts.

Since this system has been implemented there have been zero recorded losses of Network Rail property.

“We engaged with Herongrange when we had a problem site at crane street which was a high trespass and vandal area. Herongrange offered us a professional managed service from start to finish which took a problem away from the landowner and a potential risk to core works. What should not go un-noticed is the staff Herongrange provides are professional at all times and a credit to the Herongrange name.”

Eugene Landells Supervisor at Network Rail

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