Herongrange’s security guards help to displace First West of Englands’ anti-social behaviour problem at their bus stations.

For our client First West of England, working out of their Bristol and Bath locations, we deploy a team of remote security guards that provide protection to First West of England’s passengers and members of public waiting within the bus station terminals.

The security guards’ main role is to ensure the bus station terminals are a safe environment for the public, they are expected to prevent drug use and manage anti-social behaviour. The security teams actively engage with the public to make sure their presence known.

Additionally, our guards provide security services for the First West of England storage depot in Bath. This requires overnight security shifts. The guards’ primary role is to prevent break-ins and move on rough sleepers however whilst conducting their security surveillance rounds, they will also make a note of any oil leaks or other defects they spot with the buses to ensure these are addressed the next day.

Unfortunately, the security guards are constantly subjected to abuse and threats of violence. We have put them through rigorous training to ensure they are confident to defuse situations.  The guards have also received customer service training to give them the confidence to talk and deal with members of the public.

Our technology solution provides a vital role:

Our online management system plays a vital role in the management of the remote security guards. The staff members log in and out of their shift using this system and they can also use this system to report on the activity from their shift and send messages to their line manager. This technology is vital to Herongrange when managing contracts like this that are some distance away from our bases in Staffordshire and Northamptonshire.

Results for First West of England

The Herongrange security guards were awarded First West of England’s employees of the month, despite them not being directly employed by First West of England. That is how thrilled the client was with the guards’ hard work but also the results they have achieved for the client. 

First West of England has repeatedly thanked Herongrange for helping to displace the security/anti-social behaviour problem from them. They have said they have happier passengers that are feeling safer using their service.

“First West of England Ltd use Herongrange to provide security support in two of our bus stations, Bristol & Bath. The security team on the ground provide an excellent service. So much more than just security, they also go above and beyond to support our customers and staff. They will assist customers by advising them of bus/coach times, where to catch their service from, how collect lost property and local knowledge of how to find their way to things such as the city centre shop to the Bristol Royal Infirmary for an appointment. The security guards we have are regarded by us as ‘part of the team’, their work ethic makes them great ambassadors, for both our company as well as Herongrange. A big thank you to the team at Bristol & Bath from us all at First and wish you every success in receiving the recognition that is greatly deserved.”

Gavin Hawkins, Operations Manager for First West of England

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