What Security Guards Do

Whilst the job of a Security Guard might appear obvious, it is crucial to understand the role and responsibilities of security staff and how they can implement measures to keep staff, assets, and properties protected. What security guards do within their job role and the responsibilities they undertake can depend on the sector they are working in. At Herongrange Group Ltd we offer a diverse range of security services that can cater to specific needs, part of these services includes our security staff who can be on site and act as personal security to ensure the safety of businesses and people.

Close Protection

Security teams can be deployed as close protection; a method of guarding a person or people to ensure their safety from crowds, anti-social behaviour, and even terrorism. Close protection is required for high-profile celebrities and people within the public eye that may need assistance to get between locations safely, to attend events with appropriate protection, and to travel with security on hand. The responsibilities for this position are extensive, and to ensure effective protection for VIP’s security guards need to be equipped with the skills to deliver security that not only protects the client but offers them comfort in their proceedings.

At Herongrange our Close Protection security teams have worked with clients from a plethora of industries, including TV and film, radio, and the music industry. The range of industry varies from client to client, as does the locations. What security guards do with their skills depends on the event they are hired for; however, it is crucial they have the training to assist any client, under any circumstance. Having worked with celebrities from Jamie Oliver to Lindsey Lohan, and most recently providing executive transport and Security for Baroness Karen Brady whilst filming for The Apprentice on BBC1. Each client required a different approach in their security needs, and whilst some stay on location for weeks, others need a security team that move with them around the country. Herongrange was able to deliver effective security and provide a reliable service that protected these celebrities from intrusive fan culture, the media, and harassment from the public.

Manned Guarding

Security Guards can also be utilised for manned guarding solutions, not only will the presence of security guards on site at businesses and properties to tackle crime that might present itself, whether this be trespassing, vandalism, or attempted theft, be beneficial in the ability to take quick action to resolve issues as they arise. They also work as an effective deterrent to deter criminals from targeting the areas they are guarding. By having guards as a physical presence in an area, covering the key points of entry and blind spots, criminals would rather not risk implementing criminal behaviour when there is a high chance they will be caught.

Herongrange has an expert team to offer businesses and sites manned guarding solutions that can be trusted in their duty to keep property and people safe. Businesses rely on what security guards do in their roles as guards to prevent crime as well as diffuse any situations that may arise with efficiency. A number of clients at Herongrange require guarding staff to bring about a safer environment and gain reassurance their company is equipped to respond to threats effectively.  

Security Dogs

Beyond what security guards do, it can be a matter of how they deliver services. One way in which security solutions can be created to reduce intrusive measures, can be the utilisation of security dogs. The combination of our expert security guards with extensively trained security dogs, can solve a wide variety of security issues including traveller removal, breaches in security, as an addition to personal protection, and to be present at large events. The dogs are trained to detect threats via their sense of smell, sight, and sound. The presence of dogs can also reduce the likelihood of aggression from criminals and the intimidation tactic that comes hand in hand with the presence of a service dog can become a visual deterrent.

Herongrange Group also have dogs trained in Drug Detection, read more about this service here.

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