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Every business should be equipped with fire extinguishers in the case of a fire emergency. However, the requirements of companies will differ depending on their industry, meaning they might require various types of fire extinguishers. For example, tech companies might have sensitive electricals to be mindful of, and labs may have highly combustible chemicals. Importantly, though, all businesses need top-quality and reliable extinguishers, no matter their industry. In the case of a fire, on-hand extinguishers are a person’s first defence against the blaze. If the fire is small and manageable, fire extinguishers are the go to in order to prevent spreading and bring the flames under control. Being prepared in the face of a fire risk is the first step to preventing the destruction and keeping staff safe.

P50 is an advanced fire extinguisher which is rated the best on the market. That is why Herongrange Group use P50 as the fire extinguisher service to supply clients with the best and safest fire solution out there. To cater to all industry’s specific needs, there are four types of P50 Fire Extinguishers. Selecting the correct fire extinguisher for your business will ensure safety is optimised and no further risks present themselves. Cover all risks with a P50 Fire Extinguisher. Each type of extinguisher represents a new and improved generation of fire extinguishers that are suitable in workplaces and more effective.

There are numerous benefits to each of the P50 Fire Extinguishers, but there are universal benefits across the range. Including massive cost savings, lightweight solutions, and sustainable extinguishing service that lowers your impact on the environment.

Different types of P50 Fire Extinguishers

P50 BSX ASX Foam
This foam extinguisher is known as a Fluro Factant Free Foam fire extinguisher. With its exceptional firefighting capabilities, this extinguisher can prevent fires on a range of surfaces including wood, paper, and textiles. These are considered Class A materials as they are solid, combustible and found commonly. The Class B materials are flammable liquids, including paints, solvents, oils and petrochemical products that can fuel fires. The P50 BSX ASV Foam extinguisher is also effective on Class B materials meaning your business can be assured that fire risks originating or spreading to most surfaces are able to be stopped.

P50 F Class
With a formula created from nitrogenated derivatives, ammonium salts of phosphoric acid, hydrocarbon and fluorinated surfactants in an aqueous solution, this is a fire extinguisher with multiple capabilities. The formulation of the P50 F Class means that when used, the medium seals the surface it lands on. This seal aims to form a case that prevents re-ignition. Once your fire is out, it should stay out. This is the aim of this extinguisher that puts a stop to fires and their ability to spread and rekindle.

P50 ABC40 Powder
Need instant resolutions to fire risks? The ABC40 Powder fire extinguisher can provide quick extinguishing where needed. This extinguisher is ideal for places where fire hazards are identified and where an area is at risk from a variety of fire risks. You can be confident that despite the risks, there is a quick and simple solution on standby if things escalate. Similarly, to the foam extinguisher, the ABC40 can tackle fires on Class A and Class B materials, but it is equally as effective on Class C products. Class C fire rating includes the fast-burning materials such as fibreboard and plywood, but also Class C flammable gas.

P50 Monnex
Need prevention that will stop dangerous chemical reactions? The Monnex extinguisher was created based on a Potassium bicarbonate-urea complex and could be the answer. When used the Monnex powder explodes in the combustion zone, meaning that the powder breaks into smaller particles that can cover a wider surface area and cover more ground. This interferes with chemical reactions that take place and extinguishes fires.

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