Prevent Intruders with the Density Security Fog System

Security Fog System
Security Fog System

At Herongrange Group we have teamed up with Density (UK) Ltd to offer you a new solution when tackling the risk presented by intruders and burglaries.

Introducing Security Fog Systems

Do you have trouble finding effective and unintrusive security solutions? The security fog system can offer an on-hand response to intruders who are illegally entering property. With its far reach and quick action, the Density Security Fog Systems can offer an immediate response to trespassers and criminals.

How does the Fog System work?

After filling it up with liquid, your machine is ready to disperse thick fog into a room reducing visibility. Security Fog acts as a barrier between a criminal attempting to access a room and its resources by blocking the view to the intruder. If you are unable to see, you are unable to steal.

The device can be activated during your buildings closed periods and will be triggered at the opening of a door or any signs of breaking and entering. The liquid is vaporised and then condensed in free air to create a distinctive fog like affect that can fill up to 900m³ space. The droplets create a wall of fog that is quick to fill a room, but slow to disperse away again. The now fogged room restricts the view of a person so they are unable to find their way around. Without there being a fast disperse rate, the trespasser is left without clear vision for a period long enough to execute secondary action against the criminal. With its immediate impact, your Security Fog can also act as a deterrent by scaring away the intruder. The Fog can act as the first line of defence, giving you the time to respond and reducing the likelihood of an intruder executing a crime.

Benefits of using a Security Fog System as a security deterrent

Having permanent onsite security, although extremely effective, does involve the expense of an entire salary. Instead, by using a Density Security Fog System there is a solution that can activate an immediate response to the threat of burglary and buys time so you can react with a human response. This reduces the time needed to be spent by staff being physically present to negate risks. Afterall, time is money.

The Density Security Fog Systems are the latest innovation in the active protection market. In just 29 seconds the Fog System can fill a 900m³ space. Large offices, retail spaces, stock rooms, and alike are vast workspaces leaving room for an intruder to sneak about and hide once entry has been made. By using a Security Fog System with a powerful dispersion capacity, such as the Density 900, you can fill a large space with Fog, preventing an intruder navigating through the area, even in those spacious settings.

Having the benefit of speed on your side when faced with crime, will give your company the upper hand against criminals. Being aware of a problem is the first step in solving it. By being notified by alarms, you might be alerted to an intrusion but there is still a delay between discovering a threat and resolving it. Having the added advantage of a Security Fog upon intrusion, a trespasser is slowed down and unable to execute their intensions, and you are gifted the time to get police or security on site to apprehend the intruder.

Another benefit to the Density range is the ability to protect staff behind counters. The nontoxic fog can completely conceal staff from attackers in such events as robberies or muggings.

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Reasons to use a Security Fog System

Effective in its approach to prevent burglaries, supply time for further action, and become a deterrent for intruders, the Security Fog System is also safe to use. You can input liquid of your choice to create fog barrier but will not cause harm to people, nor to property.

The compact Security Fog machine can easily fit into a space without drawing too much attention. It’s easy fitting and fast solution, can leave your mind at ease during closed hours and prevents the need for further, permanent staffing. Therefore, the solution saves you and your employees time, and energy can be transferred into other tasks to really get the most out of your workforce.

Thanks to its simple design, and simple functionality a Security Fog machine can be easily used and become economical solution to preventing crime. Whilst having the ability to cover large areas, the machine is self-activating upon sensing an intrusion. Despite the dispersion of liquid, the machine is safe to use in the presence of electrical equipment. The fog is quick to disperse but will be long dry before the space comes to be used again by staff.

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