Herongrange Delivers Security for Mercedes Benz and Stella Artois

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Mercedes Benz

This Summer Mercedes Benz introduced a Pride Month vehicle that celebrated and showed alliance with the LGBTQ+ community. Herongrange was extremely proud to work in association with the car manufacturer during the film shoot of this vehicle launch. Their Bespoke Security Service division provided Close Protection security to ensure that all personnel and vehicles were safe during the filming process.

Herongrange’s Close Protection security service is made up of a specialised team who are equipped to deal with any issues that arise and are on constant alert for threats. Being on hand during the filming of the Mercedes Benz Pride shoot, meant Officers could respond efficiently to resolve problems and deliver a service that kept the client in mind.

The Herongrange Bespoke Security division, which includes TV & Film Shoot Security, operates in both discreet and high-profile roles within the entertainment industry. So, whilst filming was taking place, Mercedes Benz’s operations were not disturbed or disrupted by the presence of Herongrange’s security team.

Stella Artois

Similarly, Stella Artois was seeking to protect their employees and assets during a promotional shoot. The high-end alcoholic drinks brand turned to Herongrange to secure a range of security services. The experienced teams’ first step was to put together a comprehensive risk assessment to cover the entirety of the shoot. From this, the security officers could best decide what security measures were needed and a bespoke plan was rolled out.

As the Stella Artois shoot took place across a range of locations in London, the security of the whole crew and the equipment needed to be fit for each site. The expert team at Herongrange provided a security solution that was tailored to each shoot location. With quick changes of environment, the skilled security team adapted to each new challenge with ease. Alongside this, a team of Herongrange’s highly trained traffic marshals ensured vehicle movement in and around the sites across London were seamless and safe.

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Sales Director at Herongrange, Jonathan Rose, spoke about his pride for the company’s new relationships with the two brands, “At Herongrange there is nothing too complex for our teams, so delivering quality security measures is possible anywhere. I am particularly honoured to say we have built relationships with well-known companies, Mercedes and Stella Artois, and delivered security solutions seamlessly for both.”

Herongrange is trusted by big brands spanning across the country, to get the job done.

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