Secure Your Site with CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation

Installing CCTV systems at your business reduces the need for physical security, whilst giving you peace of mind that the site is covered. Keeping a watchful eye over the full site, you can be alerted to any security breaches quickly and respond to issues efficiently. Not only this, but if intruders do make their way onto your company property, you will have evidence. CCTV installation isn’t just about discovering issues, it can be used as a deterrent and as an identifier.

Control your CCTV your way

No matter if you want experts on the job, or to have control yourself, Herongrange’s CCTV systems can be managed the way that suits you. With a remote monitored system, our CCTV can be managed via our central control room. With our vigilant team on the job, you can be certain that suspicious activity won’t go missed. With 24-hour monitoring, your CCTV can relay any detection of movement direct to our control room and, with real people on the job, an instant response will occur. Even when everyone has gone home for the day, your security solution never stops. Experienced personnel are on the case 365 days a year, so no matter the day you can be safe in the knowledge that your site is being watched over.

Alternatively, you can take control. With a handy app, you can have eyes on your property whenever you wish. Alerts when movement are detected can be set up, so you are aware of threats as they occur.

How Herongrange CCTV systems work

The purpose of CCTV installation is to give you an awareness you otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve. Therefore, our top of the range cameras work to detail visuals on all areas of your site. Developed on a WIFI based system, our cameras are connected via the internet. With the possibility to have 24/7 live visuals, the CCTV system can be the eyes on the ground even when no one is around.

Systems can be set up to trigger a voice warning in the case of an intrusion. With this first response, anyone attempting to gain unauthorised access might be deterred leaving your site and assets untouched. Alternatively, if the intruder persists, the emergency services and the property keyholder will be notified immediately. In the circumstance of a break-in, your CCTV cameras also put you a step ahead of the criminal by capturing accurate images that can be used as evidence in the case of further investigation or prosecution.

Interested in our Construction Security services?

Temporary and permanent CCTV installations are possible from Herongrange.

For businesses that operate in a range of locations for interim periods, a CCTV solution that can be installed for a limited time is necessary. Construction work, or temporary events could all benefit from temporary CCTV. Our temporary solutions, including our rapidly deployed mobile CCTV trailer, can be installed to look after non-permanent locations and even work on sites where power and internet connections are an issue.

Permanent cameras are also available. With equipment and assets always left in one property or one location, they can become a target of crime. Therefore, a constant solution is necessary. With permanent CCTV, you can continuously record your business to be prepared for any incidents that may occur. We work with leading names in the construction industry to provide CCTV solutions as well as multiple solar power and wind farms.

Our security design and CCTV installation teams understand what is best for individual sites. From where you need cameras placed, to how many are required, your CCTV solution is in safe hands. At Herongrange, we create bespoke solutions for each client, meaning your CCTV installation is catered specifically for your requirements. Your business sites, properties, assets, and staff will be secure under the watchful eye of Herongrange CCTV.

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