Be Confident in your Business Security with On Site Access Control

Site Access Control

No Business wants Intruders

Be sure that your building and site are kept safe from strangers with site access control. Measure who is coming in and out and register your employees onto the system to stay in the know about who is on your premises and when.

With a diverse range of solutions that can be moulded to your business’s needs, Herongrange Group is here to assist in creating a safer and more secure working environment to benefit staff, guests, and the property itself.

Making use of Software

Allowing your company to have a greater awareness of the people it is allowing entry to is a simple and effective way to cut down on risks to the safety and security of your site. Your site’s access control can be resolved with the use of technology. Herongrange offers the best technological solutions with the ‘SiteSheild’ software.

The ‘SiteSheild’ solution offers several uses that can benefit your business. When you think of your site’s access control you might consider that a key-card system is the best way to ensure all employees have easy access, whilst ensuring that non-card holders will not be allowed entry. The ‘SiteSheild’ solution is compatible with CSCS Smartcards, meaning this system is simple to introduce at your site and even simpler to get started! The tech involves a fast-processing solution that allows employees to simply swipe their CSCS card using a contactless desktop reader, then they are registered and allowed access with ease.

Access control with ‘SiteShield’ doesn’t have to revolve entirely around access either, with its secondary use of health and safety reporting and human resource tracking system. This extra feature can allow your company to not only ensure staffs security but also their safety.

Using a simple card entering solution as your site access control method will give added benefits to your business in the monitoring of time and attendance, as well as being an easy fix to increase your sites security. Plus, there is no need to worry about system failures. The software includes self-diagnosis and incident reporting feature, meaning you’ll be given warning by the software itself about any potential errors or issues. With such an easy way to prevent unwelcomed visitors, and the added confidence that this reliable system will forewarn of any problems, you can use this trusted site access control system to keep your company safe.

Go Online

Many industries rely on periods of induction for new employees to settle into a role and to show their new company that they are reliable, capable, and have the right experience behind them to fill the position adequately. Contractors and consultants are also frequently dipping in and out of businesses, and it’s important to know more about them prior to working alongside them the first time. There is a clear security risk with allowing new people on site. With security needing to be at the forefront of employer’s minds, it can be considered unsafe to allow strangers into sensitive buildings, areas of importance, and with expensive equipment, as well as alongside other staff. It is important to get an understanding of who the person is, how they perform, and their skills before taking steps to integrate them onto a business site.

Site Access Control can be secured with the simplicity of taking inductions online. Herongrange’s Online Inductions are designed to reduce the need for employees to start the job on site. Monitor and record a new employee’s progress from an online system and avoid potential security risks from an employee who is totally unknown to your company.

Your new employees can see real benefits from starting online too. It allows new starters the ability to learn from the work they are completing, have easy access to the required information from online systems, being given an insight to the operations ahead and the expectations that will need to be met.

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Security on the Move

If security is something your company needs to take from place to place, Herongrange has site control access solutions that are effective in their defence and portable. Bespoke portable turnstiles are available to control the flow of people and restrict access to permitted parties only. Card scanning solutions can be used with these turnstiles, allowing only those in possession of cards or key fobs entry. Alternatively, biometrics can be used to permit entrance, recognising either handprints or fingerprints, or using facial/eye recognition.

If your business needs the freedom to change locations of entry with ease, or the ability to bring quality security solutions to numerous places, these portable turnstiles are an efficient and powerful solution. Without the need for a concrete base to install the turnstile into, this access control solution can be easily set up at a site anywhere, and at any time.

Without the restrictions of where and when your company can set up in a new location, or the obstacle of usage of one singular entry, your business will be granted more freedom in their ability to secure sites. With the ease of this solution, paired with the advanced systems that protect your sites from intruders and unwelcome guests, safety and efficiency is brought to the forefront of your company.

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