Common Workplace Security Setbacks

and the Solutions

Workplace Security

The Importance of Finding the Right Solutions

The key to protecting your business and keeping it running effectively is to identify the workplaces security setbacks where areas are being neglected. To understand where problems lie is the first step to resolving issues and creating a better and safer place of work. Prioritise safety and well-being.

It is easy enough to assume you have flaws in your workplace security, and simple enough to acknowledge that more could be done to maintain a high standard of safety at work. However, knowing where to start in pinpointing the exact problems can be daunting. We’ve identified some commonly missed security measures that could prevent your company becoming a target of crime.

Security Setbacks

Blind Spots

You might have security measures in place, by means of manned guards, access control, or a registration system for employees, but are you really covering all bases? Particularly on large sites or in big buildings, there are areas that are not covered and leave the place of work vulnerable. When looking into workplace security, you must consider all risks to truly prevent your staff, property, and assets from becoming victim to crime. This involves having eyes everywhere. Herongrange Group Limited offer exceptional CCTV solutions that can ensure your business is monitored and recorded at all times.

With the intelligent imaging security cameras at Herongrange, you can create a simple and effective deterrent, as well as having those blind spots at work being monitored in the absence of employees. The unique software further transforms this deterrent into an intelligent, hard-working and site-friendly monitoring system. Herongrange also offers Camshield Software which can also work as a 24/7 solution to keeping your site safe. This technology allows key staff to access the system and can alert staff to intrusions when the ‘double-imaging’ technology detects unusual movement. This software is excellent in effectively covering those workplace security blind spots, as it works even in the most challenging of locations or conditions.

Move around a lot? With mobile CCTV trailers, Herongrange offers the perfect solution for you businesses needs. Where temporary security is needed to cover sites, or your business has a lack of infrastructure, these trailers can be moved around and placed in the most at risk areas in order to deter criminals and capture footage of intrusions or thefts. The trailers can be fitted with multiple fixed cameras, or a 360-degree tilt and zoom camera, fixed to the tower mast.

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Keeping Track of Employees

Large businesses often come with a large number of employees, and certain industries will have continuously rotating staff who work freelance. Therefore, keeping track of employees is not always the simplest task. It is, however, crucial from a security perspective. Criminals might take a punt at posing as staff in order to get a better understanding of your workplace systems, or the weaker access points of your business. Therefore, preventing strangers from the ability to infiltrate from the inside of your business, means you must know who is entering and when.

Access control is the solution. Being able to monitor the staff that enter a property or site, and having selected entrance, ensures only those who acquire a smartcard are granted access. Herongrange provides a high-tech solution known as Siteshield Software.

With the ‘SiteShield’ solution, your business can have an effective access control system to support your workplace security measures. Being compatible with CSCS Smartcards, also allows you to easily distribute cards to all trusted staff, and enrolling new employees is made simple.

In need of that on-the-move solution again. Whether it be that your business moves from site to site, or that your entrance points to work often change, Herongrange offers a portable solution. Portable turnstiles by Herongrange are bespoke, easy to use, and quick to install. With the ability to move the turnstiles to wherever needed at your convenience, you can have a consistent solution to keeping track of staff whenever required. No need for a concrete base, bolting down or cabin – they can be installed without. Plus, there are also options for biometrics, proximity cards and intercoms, for an enhanced security solution.

Workplace Security

Out-of-Hours Monitoring

Keeping a lid on things in work hours might seem obvious, but is your company aware of the goings on out-of-hours? Ensuring your workplace security measures are extended into time outside of open hours, is crucial to protecting your business. For sites that hold equipment of particular expense, or for places of work where a large number of staff are onsite during the day, it is important to protect company possessions, staff property, and the staff themselves.

Using people to patrol is an effective way to deter criminals who plan to take advantage of a business that is closed for the night or over a weekend. However, you can increase the effectivity of your workplace security by using not only people, but dogs. The truth is that nothing dissuades intruders like a dog handling unit. Providing a physical presence on patrol or surveillance will deter any form of unauthorised access.

Herongrange’s dog handling division can be deployed at businesses to monitor out-of-hours times. This is a non-intrusive measure that protects staff when they are away from work, and the workplace itself. Dogs are able to pick up noises and smells more effectively than humans, meaning a break-in can be more quickly noticed by a dog who can then alert their handler. Having dogs present, is not only for the purpose of a quick response, but it can also prevent crime being committed. Dogs act as deterrents against theft, vandalism, fly-tipping and unauthorised access of any kind. With handlers and dogs as a pair, issues can be effectively in isolated and resolved before staff have to enter work, making the solution effective and non-invasive.

Providing Innovative,

Real Time Solutions

Construction sites are notoriously vulnerable to theft and vandalism. At Herongrange, our construction division provides security solutions specifically for the building and construction industry. We are incredibly well experienced in designing, installing and maintaining solutions, and believe that no one takes your site security quite as seriously as we do.

We continuously monitor and adapt our innovative systems to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients. That’s why we work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions from access control and CCTV to manned guarding banksman services, all designed around your site to provide both temporary and long-term security solutions.

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