Employee of the Month

The winner of October Employee of the Month was John Towill.

Nominated by Bill Mullen, Scotland Regional Operations Manager, Bill says “I have had manpower problems at WGM Cotton St with recruitment proving to be difficult to say the least. John Towill has stepped forward and covered shifts which has resulted in losing hours as he usually works at Avant Homes.  John was due to be on holiday the week 18th-24th Oct and cancelled his plans to assist in covering WGM as I had exhausted all other options to cover the site that week. It can be easy to sometimes take guards for granted and I believe the award would show how much he is appreciated”.

Well done John – justly deserved.


In October 2021 Herongrange Group were awarded Approved Contractor Status (ACS) from the Security Industry Authority (SIA). The journey to achieving this started back in the first quarter of the year with the application to the SIA for approval. Since then, Herongrange’s Quality & Compliance Director, Phil Scattergood, dedicated himself to ensuring the business’ readiness for the SIA’s approved auditors. They visited the Burton Head Office, the Northampton Office and various client sites to conduct their 6-day audits in July. Despite the challenges faced in 2021 with the continuing pandemic, and the extended time this added to gaining ACS, the importance of gaining this status was never underestimated by Herongrange.

During their visits the auditors conducted very thorough reviews, with a total of 78 different criteria checked on all the processes and procedures for the scopes of Security Guarding, Key Holding & Close Protection, as well as visiting live client sites to ensure they were compliant and met client expectations.

After the results of the audit were submitted to the SIA the completion from approval to review took an extended amount of time. However, knowing the value of this accreditation, Herongrange fully cooperated with the process and were finally awarded with the certification on October 11th 2021, and were granted permission to advertise themselves as an SIA Approved Contractor. After going above and beyond to see this accreditation through, and with the SIA’s ACS being widely considered the benchmark for quality security, Herongrange can continue to deliver expertly executed security whilst also assuring new and existing clients that their services are of the highest quality.

Phil Scattergood, the Quality & Compliance Director, said ‘It has been a hard slog getting this in place, especially while still having to work around COVID restrictions, but it was worth it in the end. I would like to thank the Herongrange team at every location who took part and assisted in the process throughout the year, it’s a credit to them demonstrating that quality is important at every level throughout the business. This now means that Herongrange are fully accredited with the following bodies:

SIA Approved Contractor Status, Constructionline Gold, Safecontractor, CHAS, SMAS, BAFE, NASDU, NTIPDU, ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015.

We pride ourselves in our achievements and they prove how robust our processes are, which in turn gives our customers peace of mind that their assets are in safe hands.’

Read more about Herongrange’s accreditations here.


Facilities Team

The winners of the September Employee of the Month award is our Facilities team at client TechnoCargo in Ripley. 

Nominated by Garry Sheppard, Operations Manager for TechnoCargo, Garry says:

“I would like you to consider the entire cleaning team as the employee of the month, my reasons are:

From my view as the company receiving the service, and from you providing the service, I do not know what else this team would have to do to get this award, they thoroughly deserve the recognition, and it would boost the morale of the team for turning up every day during the Covid pandemic and just be left to get on with the job which they have.”

The photo above shows, L-R, Darrell Sloan (Regional Operations Manager, Herongrange Group); Lisa Pardner; Richard Hallas; Garry Sheppard (Operations Manager, TechnoCargo) – not pictured, but a worthy winner of the award is Simina Bantu.

Well done to the team this is a great commendation of the excellent work you do and how you represent Herongrange Group so professionally.


Muca Marzena

The winner of the August 2021 Employee of the Month award is Muca Marzena.

Nominated by our COO, David Kane, Muca has been receiving compliments from our client, Countryside Timber Products, who highly rate her work as a cleaner at their site.  She has been very helpful in covering shifts when required and always goes the extra mile. 

Well done Muca!


Joel Meakin

The winner of the July 2021 Employee of the Month award is Dog Handler, Joel Meakin. Joel was nominated by Darrell Sloan, Regional Operations Manager, who said:

“With the loss of one of our kennel hands, Joel offered to help with the kennels, without having to be asked to do so. By doing this, he has lost hours on-site and incurred extra travel costs to assist the dog division; this to me shows true dedication to the business”.

Joel can be seen receiving his award from Dave Kane, our Chief Operating Officer (COO).



Last week Herongrange Group suffered devastating staff shortages unlike any we have had to face before. This incapacity to deploy personnel massively impacted our ability to operate efficiently and as normal. I therefore felt it prudent to address this issue and detail the reasons behind it, both for the benefit of our colleagues and our customer base.

  • In the UK, nearly 700,000 people were pinged by track and trace in the past week and subsequently told to self-isolate for 10 days, the highest figure recorded since the app launched in September last year.
  • This ‘Pingdemic’ resulted in us losing 12% of our workforce.
  • In addition to this, nine key members of our office and field-based staff were isolating due to contracting Covid-19 – including myself and the entirety of the Midlands based Operations Management team. However, those staff who remained at work pulled out all the stops to put contingency plans in place to mitigate the effect of those isolating.
  • Unfortunately, this is not an incident limited to our sector, and industries across the country have suffered greatly as a result. Many businesses are now calling for the government to bring forward the date that has been set to make fully vaccinated adults exempt from these self-isolation rules, which is due to come into force on the 16th August.

It has been particularly difficult to deal with these issues from afar, as I too am isolating with the virus.  As CEO, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to everyone who soldiered through these difficulties, and those who worked their hardest to firefight and limit damage. It was greatly appreciated. To all our customers, my deepest apologies if you were affected, and I hope that we will never again have to face such a detrimental situation moving forward.

Many thanks for your understanding and continued support.

Steve Withers
CEO – Herongrange Group


The winner of our June 2021 Employee of the Month award was made to Chris Hill, Production Manager at our Northampton branch.  Nominated by Dean Baxter, GM Construction, Dean said “Chris tirelessly works to ensure our production  department is working to schedule,  Researching and implementing ways to get systems to work with ours, helping and guiding the engineers as well as the management teams on what is working, Chris is also responsible for uniform orders and dispatching them to the guards when requested. Chris is always keen to find a workable solution to our clients requests and loves to learn and improve his knowledge through issues working with suppliers”.


The May 2021 Employee of the Month was awarded to Dave Bull, Business Development Manager at our Burton office. 

Nominated by Phil Scattergood, Quality & Compliance Director, Phil said of Dave “I would like to nominate Dave Bull for his continued support in ensuring cloud and site documentation is to the correct standard ready for the ACS audit and for embracing the new BDM KPI Report being pro-active in compiling the data required.” 

Well done Dave!


At Herongrange Group, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional and innovative service across all five of our divisions. From keeping you safe with bespoke security to looking after your site, installing fire security systems and CCTV, facilities management and manned guarding. Our top priority is to deliver a great service that you can depend on, in line with up-to-date regulations, technology and expert knowledge.

That’s why we are so delighted to have received a certificate for an Exceptional Customer Experience from our friends at Morgan Sindall for our time with them on The South Essex College Project, Site 0147.

As part of providing our services to them, we supplied cameras and out of hours monitoring for their site. We have dealt with and stopped a few break-ins and identified several issues on-site, working closely with their site teams. With this information, we were able to tighten their security and improve the operation overall. It was a real pleasure working on this project and it was great to see everyone getting involved. Morgan Sindall and their team were pleased with our systems, response times and our assistance in helping the project attain a perfect delivery.

So happy in fact, that they have awarded us a perfect delivery certificate with an exceptional customer experience. This is exactly why we do what we do – your safety and security is our top priority, and we aim to improve it to the highest possible standard. It’s great to see the fruits of our labour and the impact our systems have had.

If you would like to enquire about our services, please do not hesitate to contact Herongrange today. We would love to hear from you! We will listen to your needs and requirements, and provide a custom, free quote. Contact our team on 0345 066 2211.


Tech Facial Recognition

At Herongrange Group, we always aim to position ourselves at the forefront of new technology and stay up to date with current security systems. Without a doubt, the current Covid crisis has changed security requirements across all industries. Touching surfaces must be eliminated as much as possible to keep your staff safe. We are here to provide you with everything you need to offer a safe and secure work environment for everyone. Which is why we have invested in some new tech…

We are now getting an influx of requests for our facial recognition systems, which we launched last year, having been able to foresee the demand for them. These systems eliminate the need for swipe cards and other access tools that may pose a higher risk of transmission. They are also able to check temperature and alert the staff if a person is above the required threshold. This means that someone who may be suspected of having Covid-19 won’t even enter the building to measure their temperature, by which time they would have touched multiple surfaces, as we can see happening in other organisations.

Facial recognition systems can benefit your business in a number of other ways. We have recently quoted a client for an attendance system that uses facial recognition to log attendance times and it’s also able to calculate how much the staff should be paid, based on their attendance. This can significantly improve the efficiency of accounting and payroll.

In addition, facial recognition provides better protection against unwanted visitors and can even help to prevent terror attacks. It can be relatively easy for criminals to steal or fake an employee swipe card, however, with a facial recognition software, they won’t get past the front door. Many companies are now employing it as part of their security plans.

If you would like to enquire about our new tech, access systems, or if you have any other projects that require our help, get in touch! We care about your requirements and will provide a tailored quotation to suit your needs. Call us on 0345 066 2211.