Herongrange Gets Awarded Prestigious NSI Gold Accreditation

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Herongrange Group Ltd is proud to have achieved Gold NSI Accreditation that recognises the high quality of their security solutions. National Security Inspectorate (NSI) approval is the hallmark of excellence for providers of security and fire safety services. It is the most widely recognised mark of approval in security and fire safety. NSI Gold accreditation tells you the company is technically competent, professional, and trusted.

What is an NSI Gold Accreditation?

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is an independent certification body which assesses and qualifies security and fire protection companies based on their solution offerings and their execution of services. Companies who are awarded NSI Gold accreditation have successfully met the NSI criteria which deems standards to be high, policies are adhered too, and the company is classified as a trusted provider of security and fire protection services. This accreditation ensures that standards across the fire and security industry are universally high and generates trust in companies who are NSI Gold accredited. Customers and clients can be confident that, when working with an NSI Gold accredited company, they will receive excellent solutions that can be relied upon to protect their businesses, properties, assets, staff, and the public.

There are two NSI accreditations that are achievable for security and fire companies, these being the silver standard and the gold standard. Being granted the silver accreditation recognises that the company is meeting high standards with some room for them to excel in technical competence. This accreditation works as interim certification that sets a company on track to achieving the Gold Accreditation. With improvements made, the gold level is within reach. With Gold Accreditation approval a company is classified as meeting the industry’s highest technical standard.

NSI Gold Accreditation Process

Once a company applies for NSI Gold Accreditation, they must submit the relevant documentation requested. Post application and documentation review, NSI can determine the company’s eligibility for the accreditation. From here, the company is put through the assessment and audits stage, where NSI can establish if standards are met, and the accreditation is granted. Inspections were carried out by NSI representatives before the prestigious certification was awarded to Herongrange.

Criteria had to be met and standards had to be proven to be upheld within the company for the accreditation to be granted. After a thorough and extensive process, the NSI qualified Herongrange to be Gold Accreditation worthy. From this assessment, and given the positive outcome, Herongrange was judged as a reputable security company who meet international and British standards, and surpassed NSI codes of practice.

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Why is NSI Gold Accreditation Significant for Herongrange?

Security companies must be able to be trusted to deliver quality services. For Herongrange, it is crucial to deliver exceptional solutions that will protect people, places, and properties. Therefore, gaining the NSI Gold accreditation adds that assurance for Herongrange clients that this standard will be delivered.

NSI Gold Accreditation was granted to Herongrange Group. Being awarded this distinguished certification deems the security company as having the highest quality in their technical competency, professionalism, and integrity. Alongside previous awarded accreditations, the NSI Gold Accreditation gives potential clients more grounds to trust and work with Herongrange.

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For Herongrange, adhering to professional standards is not considered an option but as an obligation to the market they serve and are dedicated to bringing the best security solutions to the market. In delivering quality bespoke security services, Herongrange are committed to building their accreditations to ensure they meet a diverse range of policies. Herongrange frequently update their services and policies to stay aligned with best security practice and bring the safest solutions to their clients. With a series of certifications from SIA, UKCMA, NASDU, and more, the company strives to be the best in the industry. Being such a high-profile and prestigious certification, the NSI Gold Accreditation is a big cause for celebration at Herongrange, as they meet yet another renowned standard that boasts their professionalism and exceptionalism in security.

Sales Director, Jonathan Rose, spoke highly of the accreditation saying, “I am thrilled Herongrange Group has achieved NSI Gold Accreditation – it truly is the Gold standard for security companies and we will proudly be telling our customer and prospective customers that we have it and what it means about the service we provide.”

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