Finding the right Event Security Companies

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large-scale event, finding the right event security companies should be a top priority in any crowd situation. While there are plenty of remote monitoring solutions available, having trained security present at your event can de-escalate critical situations before they even happen. That’s why it’s important to hire people you can trust so you and your guests can simply enjoy the occasion.


1. Consider your needs

Before you seek out the right security solutions for you, consider the requirements for your event. Is it a small company gathering or are you catering to a large crowd? Will the event happen indoors or outside? How safe is the area you’re in? Will you need any specialist protection like detection dogs? Are there VIPs who will need close protection? Maybe your event requires national or international travel? The company would need to be aware of international security laws and manage the appropriate transport, whether you’re travelling by land, sea or air.

Having a detailed list of your requirements will help you narrow down the right event security company and ensure they provide appropriate protection to make your event as safe as possible.


2. Pay attention to testimonials

No matter how well event security companies sell themselves to you, few things will give you better insight than their client testimonials and experience. Make sure the security company you choose has extensive experience and necessary equipment for your type of event. You can find detailed information on the success of their previous events, how well they’ve managed to de-escalate potential dangers and the technology they use. Researching their clientele, industry reputation and customer reviews will provide reassurance that you’re making the right choice for you and your guests.


3. Choose event security companies with the right qualifications

At Herongrange, we take security regulations very seriously and always ensure our staff are aware of any changes in regulation and have up-to-date qualifications to do their job. When you are researching event security companies, make sure they have the necessary qualifications and accreditations to handle your event. The team should be vetted and have undergone the necessary checks and training to work in the security industry.

The security industry changes all the time, for example, we have recently had to update our technology to meet our customers’ requirements for keeping their staff and guests safe during the ongoing pandemic. Most recently, the government has changed the training requirements for the SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence. These changes will come into effect from the 1st of October 2021, so we are preparing our team to ensure they continue to meet SIA regulations.


Let us take care of your next event

From intimate gatherings to large scale outdoor events and international tour management, we have the right people and equipment to handle your next event. We take your security seriously in all aspects, from crowd management, ticketing to bespoke solutions, close protection for VIPs, transport, Covid safety and more. Get in touch for your custom, no hidden fees quote on 0345 066 2211 or email


Security for Events

As lockdown restrictions are lifted across the country, we are excited to see our vibrant events industry thriving again, and our staff providing security for events, after an immensely difficult year. Now, more than ever, you need to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible. You may need extra staff to oversee that the public are keeping a distance, taking tests if necessary and generally adhering to some extra rules to keep them safe as we cautiously navigate the other side of lockdown.

Managing all aspects of live events

Our highly trained, skilled team is here to help! Alongside security for events, we have personnel to oversee all parts of your upcoming functions. We have seen already that events post lockdown, e.g. England final at Wembley, are attracting larger crowds. With alcohol flowing and attendees excited about being able to attend events again, it can be quite the undertaking to manage these crowds. Herongrange’s event staff inspire confidence and are trained to handle busy environments calmly and diligently.

To avoid any miscommunication, our team of stewards will handle ticketing, crowd control, sign posting and car park supervising. This will enable your guests to have a pleasant experience throughout and eliminate any confusion as they navigate the event.

VIP security for events

If you have special guests that need extra attention, let us take care of them with our ultimate close protection solutions. Built on years of experience in protecting VIPs, celebrities, and high net worth individuals at large and small-scale events, we can provide custom solutions to give everyone a peace of mind. Our close protection staff include bodyguards, escort teams, drivers, and residential teams. Speaking of drivers, we have a range of executive transport options available, whether you are looking to travel by land, sea or air. Our team will manage every aspect of your journey so you, your staff and special guests get from point A to point B as safely and comfortably as possible.

Security for nationwide and worldwide tours

Looking to take your event to a nationwide or even worldwide tour? You’ll need a reliable team for every step of the way and Herongrange are up to the task. Our security officers and tour managers can help with all aspects of running a successful and profitable tour from artist liaison to finance management and communicating with media companies.

So, are you ready to take your next event to another level? Contact us today for a custom, no hidden fees quote on 0345 066 2211. We are here to help you and your guests simply enjoy the event, knowing that our team is taking care of your safety and security. 


detection dog

No doubt, we are all looking forward to the UK economy fully reopening and coming back with a vengeance. Many of our clients have felt the impact the past year has had on their business and we are pleased to see them getting back to some sense of normalcy.

With our businesses across all industries reopening again, travel, events and other forms of leisure, entertainment and business activities are returning. This means, however, that you may have increased security risks in some areas of your business that need taking care of.

We are thrilled to announce we have added two new services to our offering, available to all our existing and new customers. Dog handling is one that we have been offering for a while, however, we have decided to expand on that. We are now offering detection dog services across all areas of the UK. We are here to support businesses who need them and diversify our dog handling offer, which has, time and time again, helped us resolve issues quicker than a security guard alone.

We have built a great rapport with experienced handlers and are able to provide highly trained, skilled dogs, supporting security teams with the assistance they need. If you want to find out more, contact us today and we’d be happy to chat to you about our detection dog  services.

Our team is diverse in their skill set and we provide a wide range of services across our five divisions – bespoke security, construction solutions, fire and security, facilities management and manned guarding. If you have a project that needs expert, professional team to handle it, give us a call on 0345 066 2211 for a custom, free quotation. We listen to your needs, understand your requirements and provide tailored solutions that suit your business.


We pride ourselves at Herongrange on taking a balanced and pragmatic approach to construction site security. We’re passionate about utilising proven, cost-effective and innovative tech – but we firmly believe in traditional time-honoured methods when they are appropriate. That’s why our portfolio of solutions for customers includes deep manned guarding experience and expertise.

The truth is that nothing dissuades intruders like a human presence. The Security Industry Authority defines manned guarding as a way of providing a physical presence, or carrying out any form of patrol or surveillance, to deter or discourage much more than straightforward intrusion.

It says manned guarding activity includes any of the following:

  • Guarding premises against unauthorised access or occupation; against outbreaks of disorder or against damage
  • Guarding property against destruction or damage, against being stolen or against being otherwise dishonestly taken or obtained
  • Guarding one or more individuals or against injuries that might be suffered in consequence of the unlawful conduct of others

That’s a pretty comprehensive definition, and we’re happy to say that at Herongrange, we’ve pretty much got it all covered! From security guards to trained dogs and full support and back-up, we can shape a solution to fit your needs and budget.

Stationary site security or mobile patrols can be provided to make sure your building site has a physical presence that deters against theft, vandalism, fly-tipping and unauthorised access of any kind. Our service can flex as your needs change, because we’ve established a trusted network of security partners that spans the whole country. Our customers enjoy peace-of-mind, as well as the convenience of an end-to-end solution if they want it. There can be plenty of hassle from the time-consuming task of managing a physical security presence. But rest assured that we can save you time and mitigate your risk by managing security guards for you – and monitoring their performance to maintain the standards we demand.

If you’d like to know more about our manned guarding options, or you’d like to discuss any aspect of the Herongrange service, get in touch today. We’ll listen to your needs, and we’re always happy to provide a fast, competitive, no-hidden-extras free quotation. Contact the team on 01604 49 88 30.