Security Installer

A multi layered security system installation featuring intruder alarms, CCTV, infrared beams, and a gate and access system for Technocargo.

Our solution:

Previously for our client Technocargo we provided a manned guarding solution for out of hours security at their haulage depot.

After assessing the site and the risk to the client our GM for Fire & Security Arran Litchfield decided the best security installation for Technocargo was a multi-layered system featuring intruder alarms, CCTV, infrared beams, and a gate and access system – at the same time Arran recommended they upgrade their fire alert system.

The entire system would be remotely monitored from our control centre; if the intruder or fire alarm system sounded, we had access to CCTV systems to view the current situation before alerting the local police/fire service. The key to any system we design is ensuring the possibility of false alarms is kept to a minimum.

The client was thrilled with our proposal, and we moved quickly to get our security installation crews on site to install the new solution for them, the manned guards remained on site until the full new system was in place and tested. This is an offer that we know to be unique to Herongrange Group, other security installation companies cannot offer their own manned guards during these crucial installation/changeover stages. We were able to keep the same trained, experience manned guards on site ensuring full protection before the new system was tested and live.

Importantly for this client we offer 24 hour/365 days a year response and remote diagnostics allow us to address faults before attending site.

Manned guarding is still a popular choice for many of our clients and often is used in conjunction with our electronic systems as an extra deterrent and client peace of mind however in this instance for Technocargo an electronic security system combined with a fire system was a more secure proposition for their site.

Another benefit of switching to a fully electronic system is a considerable saving of £75k per year for Technocargo over using manned guards.

“Herongrange really opened my eyes to an enhanced, layered security system that I didn’t even know was possible. Although they did have our current security contract, we did go out to a number of providers in the marketplace in order to ensure we got the best price and service and we were thrilled Herongrange came out on top. They understood exactly what was needed and installed the system with zero fuss. We now have a much better level of security, and we will save year on year versus the cost of manned guards.”

Garry Sheppard, Operations Manager for Technocargo UK, post installation

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