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When working with a security provider, consider how you should be utilising their expertise to get the best service for your money, understand what qualifications their security teams have, and how they are equipped to deliver security services that will give you the most protection. Here are some top tips to help you get the most out of your security provider.


At Herongrange Group you can trust we have the expertise to deliver the correct security measures for your needs. Use our knowledge to discover where measures are best placed and what security products and services are required to create safe and secure environments.

To understand fully what the best solutions are, get our teams involved in your operational meetings. We can talk through what issues you face with security currently, and what can be implemented to reduce any risks in the future. By having regular meetings we can keep you abreast of the best security solutions that can be moulded around your needs. Not only this but by discussing your requirements you will gain a better understanding as to what security is doing for your company – how it protects you, and how it will save you money, time, and stress.


Your security provider has a duty to provide you with security officers who are trained to put safety at the forefront of their services, whilst also creating a relaxed and friendly environment so that employees, customers, and clients feel comfortable approaching them in the event of a security emergency or for general enquiries.

At Herongrange, we ensure all our staff are kept up to date with new regulations and complete further training whenever necessary. We pride ourselves on our team’s skills and knowledge, and as a result of this expertise we can provide excellent security to our clients. With our Approved Contractor Status (ACS) from the Security Industry Authority (SIA), we have proven that we take training incredibly seriously and are recognised for the high standards we hold.

It is important, when sourcing or working with a security provider, to check that the qualifications of their staff are within regulations and that training is updated in line with new guidelines or additional requirements. The security industry is constantly evolving, meaning companies need to keep pace with those changes to provide a quality service to all clients. To ensure you’re receiving an excellent service, check qualifications.


One key factor in ensuring you get the most out of your security provider, is being aware that they have a range of services available that you could be utilising throughout your business’s lifetime. Being with a provider who can only offer a limited number of services will limit your company in your mission to keep employees, customers, property, and possessions safe.

At Herongrange you’ll find numerous security solutions that can cover a multitude of risks and, no matter what your security needs are, we have solutions to offer protection and decrease risk. Our departments include: Bespoke Security, Construction Security Solutions, Fire and Security, Facilities Management, and Guarding Solutions. Our mission as a security provider is to be there for all businesses, and help them achieve their goals to be protected and secure. We take care of security needs, so your company can get on with business as usual.

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