Security for Events

As lockdown restrictions are lifted across the country, we are excited to see our vibrant events industry thriving again, and our staff providing security for events, after an immensely difficult year. Now, more than ever, you need to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible. You may need extra staff to oversee that the public are keeping a distance, taking tests if necessary and generally adhering to some extra rules to keep them safe as we cautiously navigate the other side of lockdown.

Managing all aspects of live events

Our highly trained, skilled team is here to help! Alongside security for events, we have personnel to oversee all parts of your upcoming functions. We have seen already that events post lockdown, e.g. England final at Wembley, are attracting larger crowds. With alcohol flowing and attendees excited about being able to attend events again, it can be quite the undertaking to manage these crowds. Herongrange’s event staff inspire confidence and are trained to handle busy environments calmly and diligently.

To avoid any miscommunication, our team of stewards will handle ticketing, crowd control, sign posting and car park supervising. This will enable your guests to have a pleasant experience throughout and eliminate any confusion as they navigate the event.

VIP security for events

If you have special guests that need extra attention, let us take care of them with our ultimate close protection solutions. Built on years of experience in protecting VIPs, celebrities, and high net worth individuals at large and small-scale events, we can provide custom solutions to give everyone a peace of mind. Our close protection staff include bodyguards, escort teams, drivers, and residential teams. Speaking of drivers, we have a range of executive transport options available, whether you are looking to travel by land, sea or air. Our team will manage every aspect of your journey so you, your staff and special guests get from point A to point B as safely and comfortably as possible.

Security for nationwide and worldwide tours

Looking to take your event to a nationwide or even worldwide tour? You’ll need a reliable team for every step of the way and Herongrange Group are up to the task. Our security officers and tour managers can help with all aspects of running a successful and profitable tour from artist liaison to finance management and communicating with media companies.

So, are you ready to take your next event to another level? Contact us today for a custom, no hidden fees quote on 0345 066 2211. We are here to help you and your guests simply enjoy the event, knowing that our team is taking care of your safety and security. 

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