Facilities Management: What it Involves, from Cleaning Services to Planned Maintenance

Facilities Management: What it Involves, from Cleaning Services to Planned Maintenance

Facilities Management

Facilities management may seem like a service that thousands of companies need, but not yours. Often the seemingly ‘less-important’ jobs for a business get neglected, including the cleaning, repairs, and planned maintenance. Despite the need to get those top-priority tasks, that will make your business big bucks, sorted, a level of consideration must go towards to management of your buildings and workspaces. Who wants to work in an unclean environment, where the facilities need repair, and despite planned maintenance being promised, it never comes to fruition? Take the action needed to uplift your workplace and bring about positive mindsets from your employees.

What are Facilities Management services? And what do these services involve?


With cleaning being the most regularly required service, due to its nature of being up-kept, Herongrange offers cleaning services with a range of optional solutions. This department ranges in the specifics of the services offered, and the regularity of the service.

• Daily and weekly office cleaning
• Monthly and quarterly deep cleans
• Retail and Leisure industry cleaning
• Cleaning in education establishments
• Technology and equipment cleaning
• Carpet and floor cleaning

Whatever cleaning solution/solutions you’re in need of, Herongrange can deliver.

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Building and Maintenance Work

The more labour-intensive services that Herongrange provide, include construction, engineering, groundworks, planned maintenance, and refurbishments. All these departments differ in their delivery and the solutions they provide but are more in line with repair and building functions.

Construction consists of building, decorating, fencing, roofing, utility installation and more. Whether your company is seeking a total build from scratch, a refurbishment of an existing property or prevention of dilapidation of properties, Herongrange can deploy the very best teams to help. For more technical solutions, Herongrange’s engineering teams are able to kick start new projects or assist with the maintenance of existing ones. Our electrical and mechanical engineers offer services in designing, fitting and installing electrical units, such as heating, ventilation systems or air conditioning. With a plethora of engineering services, Herongrange is available to fit safe, functional, and perfectly installed solutions.

Does your workplace have outside areas that need maintaining? Herongrange has a department that specialises in groundworks. Where and whatever your company requires to upkeep the external appearance and functionality of your site, we have the solution. Including repairs and builds of industrial groundworks, landscaping, car parks, driveways and drainage work. With on-site project managers, your groundworks will be executed with precision and quality.

It might be time to plan some planned maintenance. All too often, workplaces will see a job that needs actioning and revert to the age-old ‘I’ll sort that on Monday.’ Planned maintenance can frequently get pushed to the bottom of the pile. Don’t let it. It is a service that really covers everything. The Herongrange teams have a wide range of skill sets, with the ability to offer maintenance on a diverse multitude of electrical and mechanical systems, as well as fire safety and security.

Facilities Management: What it Involves, from Cleaning Services to Planned Maintenance

Fire Safety

Fire safety management comes into a sub-section of its own. Unless refurbishments, repairs, and construction are required to prevent or solve a safety hazard, the facility management services listed above are highly recommended to ensure healthy and happy work environments are created. Fire safety, however, is essential to running a safe place of work. At Herongrange, our fire marshal services prioritise safety. The highly trained marshals will carefully assess your business, discover the risks, identify any safety concerns and highlight where legal requirements still need to be met. A bespoke plan for your business can be designed from here and be ready to roll out.

Refurbishments of all the above, plus plastering, roofing, camera and alarm installation and project management are available solutions by Herongrange.

Why you might need Facility Management Services

With such a broad range of services associated with facilities management, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the options. Knowing what the best services for you are, is all about understanding your business and its needs. If you have just moved into a brand new, top of the range building, then repairs might not be on your radar. However, cleaning services might be needed to uphold the high standard. Equally, you might be kitted out in a 50-year-old office block where the cleaning is no issue but there are some significant damages that could do with looking at. Consult with your workforce, review your building and workspaces, and identify the areas that are most in need of some TLC. This is a great place to start. From here, you can narrow down the services you need and begin implementing action.

Herongrange Group offers a diverse range of facility management solutions from cleaning services to planned maintenance. With our flexible approach to facility management, we can be on-hand to solve those urgent issues, be booked in advance to resolve the odd jobs or schedule our services to regularly up-keep your workplace. With experts in all things cleaning, groundworks, refurbishments, engineering and even fire safety, there is no job too large or small. Outsourcing your facilities management will free up your in-house employee’s time, reduce stress, and ensure a professional job is completed every time. With Herongrange offering 24/7 emergency call-out, you can be confident that help is always on hand.

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