How Flexible Facilities Management can Increase Productivity at Your Business

Flexible Facilites Management

Flexible Facilities Management

Whilst business booms, it is easy for companies to neglect the maintenance of their buildings, sites, and land. Relying on flexible facilities management can uplift the workplace and ensure a company’s site is up-kept in peak times. Keeping on top of the physical appearance of your company site, ensuring faulty systems have instant repairs, and polishing up buildings with refurbishments all add to the professionalism of your business.

Abandoning cleaning duties, leaving ground maintenance untouched, and turning a blind eye to necessary refurbs, leaves a business’s appearance unsatisfactory and the motivation of staff low. It may seem a good idea to tackle the maintenance with non-specialist staff who are already employed by the business to save money, however, in doing so staff are drawn away from their essential duties leading to a less productive workforce.

Motivate Staff

Prioritise the upkeep of your business’s exterior and interior and create a healthy work environment for your employees. Staff appreciate a well looked after place to come to work every day. For most, work is where a person will spend much of their week and having a clean and tidy space to come to will boost motivation and improve mental health. This includes caring for your outside spaces.

Ensuring your outside spaces are looked after can improve the appearance of your business but can also be of benefit to your staff. Wellbeing is crucial to bringing out the best in employees and providing outdoor areas that can be appreciated and enjoyed on lunchbreaks, can boost moods in the office. Groundwork can be taken care of by Herongrange, including re-surfacing, environmental care, site clearance and a range of services to improve the appearance and functionality of land.

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Employees of your company are employed for a specific job role, most of which will not include cleaning and maintenance tasks. Therefore, why distract them from their work and allow them the time to concentrate on what they do best. Alternatively, your company can bring in professionals and have flexible facilities management teams to do the hard work for you.

Herongrange Group offer expertly trained management teams who cover a range of divisions that will assist in keeping your company site, from retail and leisure to educational settings, on top of all things maintenance. With a cleaning division that can look after daily and weekly office cleans (including monthly or quarterly deep cleans), specialist cleaning of technical equipment, and floors and carpet cleaning, there is no task too big or small that this workforce cannot handle. It is important to have a clean working environment to boost morale and brighten up a workspace.

Perhaps you are looking for a more in-depth review of your properties and need a flexible team to assist with construction services. Whatever the project requires from building, refurbing, and maintaining your premises, Herongrange can make it happen. Teams are trained in project management, building maintenance, new construction, groundwork, decorating, fencing, utilities installation, camera and alarm installation, and roofing. With flexible facilities management that goes above and beyond regular business maintenance, your company can find everything they need to upkeep the buildings and outside spaces in one place.

Despite the best efforts of businesses some faults are unavoidable. Herongrange have divisions in emergency call-out, meaning your business can have one less stress. With a quick call the flexible facilities management department can send out rapid response to fix CCTV faults, access control, security alerts, plumbing, electrical faults and installations, decorating emergencies, and window replacements. The team can be contacted 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so your business has access to immediate repairs at any given moment. The productivity of work will increase when small issues have quick solutions. Equally, there is the option of getting the engineering services from Herongrange to resolve electrical and mechanical needs from the company, from fixed wire testing, to full electrical rewires.

Protecting your Workforce

Beyond the aesthetics and technicalities, a workforce needs to be protected to be able to carry out their work effectively. This includes being on top of the company’s fire safety procedures and solutions. Herongrange offer fire safety teams who can carry out day to day procedures to ensure your working environment is protect from fire risks. This can involve testing fire alarms, organising fire drills for safe, completion of risk assessments, and more.

Considering Covid-19 it is also crucial to evaluate how clean your workspaces are. We now understand, more than ever, how important cleanliness is in protecting your staff from illness. Ensuring the health of your staff not only protects their well-being but can reduce absences due to ill health, meaning your teams can be more productive. Therefore, having the option of flexible facilities management with a strong focus on cleaning could be the answer to getting more work completed.

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