As a security company, we were delighted to work with people who keep the public safe every day. Recently, our expert team were employed for a project to do an office refurbishment for Northampton police. This project was awarded to Central Electrical Services and they chose us to carry out the requirements for it.

Our facilities management team took care of several areas of the project. Thanks to our diverse skill set, we were able to be the one-stop-shop for a range of requirements. As part of our refurbishment project for Nothampton Police Offices, we worked on the Old Misco Systemax building.

We updated the carpets at their offices. Heating and ventilation systems were also refurbished, creating a much more pleasant work environment. We also worked on creating more spacious working areas for their staff, giving them more room to work in, and also creating opportunities for social distancing, which is so important to keep the team safe. We installed new lighting in their offices, too. Lastly, we upgraded their fire alarm system. Fire safety is one of the most important areas of security to keep your staff safe.

Another great project completed by our knowledgeable team, leaving the client with a better and safer workspace, giving them the peace of mind that one team can take care of a wide range of requirements. We cover five key divisions – bespoke security, construction solutions, fire and security, facilities management, manned guarding – with a diverse service offering in each. If you have a project that requires our help, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced team have built up a great reputation across different industries and we’d be glad to help you on your next project. Get in touch for your free, no hidden fees quotation by calling 0345 066 2211.

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