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At Herongrange Group, we always aim to position ourselves at the forefront of new technology and stay up to date with current security systems. Without a doubt, the current Covid crisis has changed security requirements across all industries. Touching surfaces must be eliminated as much as possible to keep your staff safe. We are here to provide you with everything you need to offer a safe and secure work environment for everyone. Which is why we have invested in some new tech…

We are now getting an influx of requests for our facial recognition systems, which we launched last year, having been able to foresee the demand for them. These systems eliminate the need for swipe cards and other access tools that may pose a higher risk of transmission. They are also able to check temperature and alert the staff if a person is above the required threshold. This means that someone who may be suspected of having Covid-19 won’t even enter the building to measure their temperature, by which time they would have touched multiple surfaces, as we can see happening in other organisations.

Facial recognition systems can benefit your business in a number of other ways. We have recently quoted a client for an attendance system that uses facial recognition to log attendance times and it’s also able to calculate how much the staff should be paid, based on their attendance. This can significantly improve the efficiency of accounting and payroll.

In addition, facial recognition provides better protection against unwanted visitors and can even help to prevent terror attacks. It can be relatively easy for criminals to steal or fake an employee swipe card, however, with a facial recognition software, they won’t get past the front door. Many companies are now employing it as part of their security plans.

If you would like to enquire about our new tech, access systems, or if you have any other projects that require our help, get in touch! We care about your requirements and will provide a tailored quotation to suit your needs. Call us on 0345 066 2211.

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