The Midlands Business Network Expo

Herongrange Group will be exhibiting at The Midlands Business Network Expo on Friday 26th November at the National Motorcycle Museum. This expo is one of the region’s largest events and is dedicated to showcasing Midlands based companies.

Sadly, in 2003 the museum saw many of its artifacts destroyed in a devastating fire, destroying irreplaceable vehicles and resulting in a total loss of £8m. The importance of fire systems is evident from this incident and highlights how crucial it is to ensure property and assets are protected and secure. An adequate security system to keep a watchful eye on businesses could prevent disasters such as this, or reduce the impact they have, by ensuring quick action is taken.

Herongrange specialise in security, both technological and manned, and have a specific division for Fire & Security which offers a fully comprehensive service: consultation, design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. As a result, they can provide solutions for businesses to prevent fire-related disasters occurring in the future and ensuring the safety of assets. Herongrange are attending The Midlands Business Network Expo to exhibit their systems and encourage other businesses to take the security of their properties seriously against the threat of fire and other potential risks.

Please visit Herongrange at this event if you wish to discuss your business’ Fire & Security provision.

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